Ovidijus Jakubaitis and Dr. Marlene Wall


Alumni on Campus Day: Ovidijus Jakubaitis

LCC International University started a new special project for alumni – “Alumni-On-Campus Day.” Once a month, during the academic year, the LCC Alumni Office invites an LCC graduate to return to his or her alma mater. This time, Ovidijus Jakubaitis, an LCC graduate who is currently working i...

From Lebanon to Georgia


Recruitment in Middle East Makes Progress

VP Marketing Aistė Motekaitienė and Academic Dean Dr. Kirk Kauffeldt have been dispatched to Beirut, the capital of Lebanon, to interview potential students for the Middle East Scholars program at the newly registered LCC Georgia. On the first day, they interviewed 34 prospective students with ...

open door day 01


Open Door Day at LCC

On October 27, LCC International University invited high school students and teachers to the Open Door Day. LCC hosted visitors from Klaipėda, Mažeikiai, Plateliai, Palanga, Plungė, Šilutė, Vilkaviškis, and Vilnius.  “We had 16 teachers from Latvia and a few others from Plateliai. Over...



LCC Hosts a Group of Students from the Netherlands

LCC International University expanded its cooperation with Christian University of Applied Sciences (CHE) in the Netherlands by hosting students and faculty from CHE for international business visits and academic experiences in Klaipėda.  LCC hosted the first group of  Dutch students in June 2...

Experience LCC: A Day for High School Students to Try out LCC’s Community


On the second day of Fall Break, more than 60 high school students from Lithuania and Latvia came to LCC International University for the first ever Experience LCC Day - Fall Break Style event. LCC has had other Open Door Days in the past, however this day was designed so that while being on their...



LCC Moose Will Play for ISBL Cup

Go LCC Moose! On October 23 the International Students Basketball League (ISBL) Cup in Tartu, Estonia begins. The LCC Moose Basketball team, along with teams from Moscow, Tartu and Yekaterinburg, will play for the opportunity to get to the next round. Game Schedule October 23 15:00 Tartu - Ekat...

Student giving blood


Donating Blood: A Simple Way to Become Someone’s Hero

On October 12, the LCC Innovation Lab was full of students who gathered there to donate their blood to help people in need. During the day almost 50 people, including LCC President Marlene Wall, gave blood and encouraged others to join the campaign. Rūta Ramanauskienė, of the National Blood Cen...

Leona DeFehr


LCC Taskforce Returns from Middle East to Report on Crisis

When the media is full of varying stories and opinions about refugees fleeing from Syria, it’s the real stories that count. Our founder and board member Art DeFehr and VP Marketing Aistė Motekaitienė recently visited Amman, Jordan where they met the actual refugees, heard their stories, and vi...