7 Academic Conference at LCC: World-Class Speakers Discussed Their Perspective of Migration

Recently LCC International University hosted the 7th Annual Academic Conference – a two-day event that each year gains increasing attention from the regional and international academia. This year the topic of this multidisciplinary academic event was Demography-Multiculturalism-Citizenship. This ...



LCC Partnerships Expand to Albania: Promising Agreement Signed Recently

LCC International University and Lezha Academic Center in the city of Lezha, Albania, are official partners now after LCC President Dr. Marlene Wall and Principal Klementina Shahini signed a cooperation agreement several days ago. Cooperation with this institution started back in the spring of 2013...



European Student Forum Increases Awareness of Current Affairs in Europe

On March 28-30 LCC held European Student Regional Session, known to many as the European Student Forum. The event provides students with opportunities to increase their awareness and knowledge of existing issues in the European Union, improve their research, critical thinking, and enhance their team...



Cutting the Record: 45 Speakers Competing for a Chance in London

Recently, LCC was honored once again to host the 17th National Public Speaking Competition. This year the contest cut the record – 45 brave participants showcased their oratorical talent. Participants rom 28 cities of Lithuania gave speeches on the topic To Be Human Is to Discuss. The competition...

Revolution Week: a Vision for a Better Community


This week LCC became a home for Revolution Week which aimed at educating the LCC International University community about human-trafficking issues and creating direct awareness and action. The week of on campus events was organized by student association “Roots of Justice.” The members of the a...

Canada’s Arctic: Breathtaking Wonders in Pictures


On March 21, the globally celebrated Earth Day, a photography exhibition “Canada’s Arctic: Vibrant and Thriving” presented by Canadian Embassy will open at LCC international University. Currently, Canada chairs the Arctic Council. In response to the challenges and possibilities that come with...

Summer Language Institute: A Meaningful Vacation with LCC


Summer is just around the corner, and it’s time to begin making your plans for a meaningful vacation. LCC International University offers an exciting summer program for high school students and English language professionals. For 23 years, LCC has been helping people improve their English skills a...

Ukraine Situation: Making a Difference Requires More Than Just Being Aware


On February 27th LCC International University held a symposium “International Economic Relations of Ukraine“ aimed at helping LCC community to understand the economic events that led to the current crisis in Ukraine better. The main speaker of the event Renata Rinkauskienė, the Counselor of the...

Career and Business Fair Opens Up Future Possibilities


Recently LCC International University held its annual Career Week which culminated with Career and Business Fair at Michealsen Centras on February 21st. This year, 19 fair participants such as Mars Lietuva, SEB Bank, Philip Morris International, DNB, and many others consulted the visitors on employm...

Dr. Marcelline Hutton Invites for One More History Class


“Boring” – that is the stereotypical adjective most students would use to describe history classes. However, there are some teachers who break the stereotype and make impossible possible. Dr. Marcelline Hutton taught history at LCC for almost a decade. She made it not only interesting, but als...