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LCC International University currently offers four Bachelor's degree programs:

The International Business Administration programs helps students bridge the gap between two different traditions of enterprise, that of the East and that of the West. LCC equips its business students with the skills to face the quickly changing European and global economies, especially as the Eastern European region seeks greater integration and relationships with its foreign partners.

The English Language & Literature program aims to break the traditional belief that a degree in language can prepare students only to teach or translate. No matter which of the three concentrations a student chooses - teaching, translation or literature - the program provides students with superior English skills applicable both in educational and business settings.

The Psychology program combines perspectives from both the social sciences and biological sciences to assist graduates in gaining an understanding of the processes underlying human behavior. Graduates will be prepared to continue their education in clinical or research programs, or to pursue careers in a variety of social service fields.

The Theology program includes Biblical studies, the history of theology and the church, mission and ministry, and the practical application of theological knowledge to real life. A Bachelor's degree meets the needs of those students who wish to prepare for ministry, but the program also provides opportunities for those students who want to explore how faith is relevant to their career.


BA 2013 - 2014

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