Study Abroad Lithuania

Study Abroad Lithuania
I love living in Europe. I love hopping on a bus and seeing new parts of the city and discovering new coffee shops. I love the deep conversations. I love being in a culture that most people in the world don’t know much about. I love the rich history here. I love that I get to go to Paris or other major European cities for the weekend like it’s no big deal. I love the perspectives of faith. I love hearing 12 different languages all of the time and not understanding a word. I love the ways that my own perspectives have changed.
I love being a risk taker.”
Alicia, Indiana Wesleyan University
Risk taking means cultivating an open heart and an open mind. When you share daily life with classmates from different cultures, your life will be changed. Study Abroad Lithuania involves risk because it involves relationships. Risk taking is about experiencing an Eastern European delicacy in the café next door and discovering a language you’ve never heard before. Study Abroad Lithuania is about taking risks like stepping on the bus to travel the Baltic States and Russia, or across the hall to travel the world. Risk taking is in observing the power of faith when you visit a Lithuanian orphanage, a Latvian memorial, a Russian cathedral, or an Estonian art gallery. Study Abroad Lithuania encourages you to risk seeing God’s presence in new places

Be a Risk Taker!