LCC Celebrates 25th Anniversary



On Friday, March 31, guests from all over the world arrived to LCC International University to celebrate LCC’s 25th anniversary. Lithuania’s governmental officials, dignitary representatives from US, Canadian, as well as Russian embassies, LCC’s founders and donors, Klaipeda’s mayor, and many other honorary guests came to congratulate LCC for the President’s Recognition Ceremony followed by a reception. Deans and directors of leading Lithuanian universities and high schools, Port of Klaipeda’s representatives, Klaipeda’s entrepreneurs and authorities joined the official 25th anniversary celebration and expressed their wishes and greetings to LCC.

Current LCC President Dr. Marlene Wall, who was with LCC from the year it was established in 1991, reflected on the history as well the future vision of LCC International University during her opening speech. (Please, read full speech here)

LCC International University is proud of the fact that it was established on philanthropic principles. The university is continuing to develop with the same ideas and objectives in mind. LCC Georgia is one of initiatives created in a response to the war in Syria and the thousands of displaced people in and around the region. Thanks to Middle-East scholarship program LCC welcomed students from Syria and Iraq this year.

“How wonderful it is to stand in a room full of givers today! We are richer, our lives are so much richer because of LCC. And our prayer for the next 25th year is that it becomes a source of joy for many others.” – said June Michealsen on behalf of LCC major donors

Art DeFehr, one of the founders of LCC, shared his memories: “At that time (in 1991) university was a critical kind of institution which could help reorder society, change its values, and provide a new educational system for the new generation of young people.”

“Today, almost 2000 alumni call LCC International University their home. I want to thank you for having the courage to establish such a unique university, here in Lithuania. And as a form a gratitude we want to present LCC’s first alumni funded scholarship. This fund is sponsored by LCC graduates and their families. On behalf of LCC alumni I wish LCC International University to continue with its mission for many years ahead!” – said LCC alumna and LCC’s Board of Directors member as well as Klaipeda’s council member, Jurgita Choromanskytė.

Lithuania’s Seimas member Simonas Gentvilas emphasized that he is extremely supportive of LCC International University. “I am happy to know that LCC took part in the development and betterment of Lithuanian society and demonstrated that it’s possible to change. You showed that alumni could influence the development of university and that university directors focus on giving instead of taking. I’m grateful to LCC for being such an outstanding example to many others educational institutions in Lithuania.”

Many other honorary guests expressed gratitude and wished LCC International University success for the next 25 years to come. Following the recognition ceremony and celebratory reception, everyone was invited to the International Student Fair, where LCC proudly presented its diversity. Students prepared culinary delicacies representing their home countries and engaged guests in various multicultural activities.