Launching of the Center for Faith and Human Flourishing



LCC International University formally launched its Center for Faith and Human Flourishing on Tuesday, October 17, with an open lecture by a guest speaker Dr. Jonathan Warner.  

“The Center is a unique opportunity for LCC to express its distinct research identity,” said Dr. J.D. Mininger, Academic Vice-President and Dean of Faculty at the University. “We are a truly international university, where everything we do is informed by a Christian worldview. That makes us unique in the landscape of higher education in this region, and unique in our research focus.” Over half of the University’s students and faculty come from outside Lithuania, according to Dr. Benjamin Giffone, the Center’s director.

After a brief introduction by Giffone, attendees were treated to an inaugural lecture by the first Research Fellow appointed by the Center, Dr. Jonathan Warner. Warner, a professor of economics, is currently on leave from Quest University in British Columbia and also affiliated with Cambridge University’s von Hugel Institute. Warner’s lecture was titled, “Human Flourishing: What Has Faith Got to Do With It?”

“As a lecturer in religious studies, I’m pleased to see ‘Faith’ placed at the center of the pursuit of ‘Human Flourishing,’” said Giffone. “My colleagues are very excited about the possibilities for the Center as a venue for collaboration with researchers beyond our resident faculty. LCC’s international learning community has a great deal to offer.”

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