22nd Graduation at LCC



April 29 was a significant day for new LCC graduates, as well as their parents and LCC faculty and staff. Seventy two students received Bachelor of Arts diplomas, bringing the total number of LCC alumni to 1,884.

Graduation Day started with a Baccalaureate ceremony, during which 11 students representing different countries read Biblical scripture in 11 different languages. It was a heart-warming moment that reminded everyone of LCC’s value of diversity.

Ali Aimuradov, Student Council’s 2015-16 president, thanked LCC on behalf of the graduating students:

My time at LCC International University has been some of the best years of my life and it still is including today. When I read for the first time on LCC’s website, ‘Challenging minds, Transforming lives’ I did not know what it meant when I came here and only now I can say that is true. LCC is truly challenging minds and transforming lives because my life was transformed. God is working at this place through His people.    

Head of the Business Department, Jekabs Bikis, thanked everyone who has supported students throughout their journey of acquiring a university degree. During his speech at the Baccalaureate ceremony, he also encouraged the new graduates to make an impact in the world:

You all have dreams and passions. I saw this in the graduates’ survey. Someone wrote that you hope to ‘find a place where you can develop and contribute to the world in a meaningful way…’ Many wrote that you dreamed of having a job where you can make a difference, of not living a boring life, of making an impact using your God-given talents. This will take a commitment and perseverance. Don’t make excuses – you CAN make a difference in any job. Find a way to make a difference. Find someone to encourage [and] treat your customers in an unexpectedly good way. Exceed your boss’s expectations. Don’t make an excuse saying ‘Oh well, if they gave me my management job right away, then I would work hard to make a difference.’ One of my favorite old Christian songs is “Brighten the Corner Where You Are”. It says “Do not wait until some deed of greatness you may do / Do not wait to shed your light afar; / To the many duties ever near you now be true, / Brighten the corner where you are.” Don’t wait for that next job to make a true difference. Do it now. Do it today.    


Awards were announced for those students who demonstrated either academic or leadership excellence. This year’s recipients included:

Jacqueline Voth (English Department) – Academic Award for earning the highest GPA among English graduates

Evija Cukura  (English Department) – Commendation Award for outstanding contribution to the field of English through scholarship and service to the LCC community

Vitaliya Gontar (Business Department) – Academic Award for earning the highest GPA among Business graduates

Yuliya Tsay (Business Department) – Commendation Award for academic research in a business-related field

Svajūnė Mickevičiūtė (Business Department) – Commendation Award for Innovative Business research and planning

Reinis Ronis (Business Department) – Commendation Award for excellence in a major field test in Business

Siga Radzevičiūtė (Social Sciences Department) – Academic Award for earning the highest GPA of among Psychology graduates

Bernarda Varkojutė (Social Sciences Department) – Commendation Award for outstanding contribution to the field of Psychology through scholarship, research, and community service

Iveta Ilevičiūtė (Theology Department) – Academic Award for earning the highest GPA among Theology graduates

Lina Auksoriūtė (Theology Department) – Commendation Award for outstanding contribution to the field of Theology through scholarship and service to the LCC and Klaipeda communities, a consistent and strong faith in Jesus Christ, and an inspiring example of Christian leadership to students

Valeriya Boyko (Contemporary Communications Program) – Academic Award for earning the highest GPA among Contemporary Communications graduates

Lasma Skele – Commendation Award for the graduating student who has shown great interest and talent in learning Lithuanian as a foreign language

The commencement ceremony was addressed by Mykhailo Cherenkov, Executive Field Director of Mission Eurasia.

Diplomas were awarded by LCC President Dr. Marlene Wall, Academic Vice President Dr. J.D. Mininger, Senior Advisor Eglė Zalatoriūtė, and LCC Registrar Indrė Gudauskaitė.

DSC_7640 - Copy

Jacqueline Rafaela Voth and Siga Radzevičiūtė were awarded with Highest Academic Awards.

The prizes selected by Klaipeda Industrialist Association for the best business plans were awarded to Gontar Vitaliya for “Hotels Evaluation Systems: User-generated Feedback and Hotel Ratings” and Mickevičiūtė Svajūnė for “Private Retirement Home ‘Senjorų Slėnis”.

The auditorium was full with joy and loud rounds of applause for each graduating student receiving their diploma. The ceremony culminated with excitement when students switched their tassels from the right to the left of their mortar boards and officially joined the community of LCC alumni.

The ceremony was concluded with the recognition of parents, shared by two graduates, Povilas Bikmanas and Olga Avanesova. Closing remarks were made by LCC President Dr. Marlene Wall and the benediction was given by Chaplain Adam Rodeheaver-Van Gelder.

Our alumni is our great asset! Please remember this and do keep in touch!