A Message from LCC President


Marlene_redaguota_2LCC International University is celebrating its 25th anniversary! We are grateful to the many thousands of generous individuals who have contributed to the success of LCC over these years – whether by coming as faculty or staff, whether contributing to the physical construction of the campus, or perhaps by donating funds to provide students with financial aid and scholarships.

Philanthropy has been at the core of our identity since we began in 1991. We demonstrate service through our curriculum, and we emphasis servant leadership as part of our mission statement. As a private university, we do not receive government support. We have grown and flourished because of the financial donations from individuals who are inspired by the students and the mission of LCC. Over the years, this has meant millions of dollars of financial support.

This year, as we celebrate our 25th anniversary, we are excited that our LCC alumni have become involved in giving back. Our alumni are contributing to the establishment of an Alumni Endowed Scholarship. By raising at least 25,000 USD, they will ensure that the interest will support one student scholarship each year forever. How exciting to see graduates, who themselves received financial aid while they were students at LCC, give back so that the next generation of students will benefit!

We look forward to working with our alumni as we together develop an Alumni Advisory Board, which will encourage alumni input into the future of the university. We look forward to welcoming many alumni, together with many friends and donors and former faculty and staff to our 25th Anniversary Celebration on March 31 and April 1. Consider joining us, too!  

Marlene Wall, President