Can I take a test at LCC International University?

Yes, an institutional TOEFL that is valid only for admission to LCC International University is offered at the University. The cost for taking the institutional TOEFL test is €60. For more information on the testing dates please contact the Admissions office.

Can I take a test elsewhere?

Sure, all the tests accepted at LCC International University are the tests that you can take in many places around the world. Check the www.ets.org/toefl for TOEFL testing dates and locations. The cost for the official internet based TOEFL is $180 USD.

How can I prepare for the language test?

At LCC International University, we run short TOEFL preparation courses and seminars. Visit our English Center for specific dates and more information.

What happens if my test score is too low?

If your English language test score is below the required minimum, the university offers another opportunity – a one- or two-semester Prerequisite Intensive Module in English (PRIME). The purpose of PRIME is to help students improve their academic English language skills and prepare them for studies at LCC International University. To qualify for PRIME your score must be from: TOEFL ITP – 420, TOEFL iBT – 36, and IELTS – 5.5.