Alumni Awards 2017



On April 29, during LCC’s Graduation ceremony this year’s Alumni Awards 2017 were announced.

Daumantas Kirkutis

Congratulations to Daumantas Kirkutis, from the Class of 2011, who became recipient of the 2017 Young Distinguished Alumni Award, given to alum who has graduated more than 5 years but no more than 10 years ago.

Daumantas graduated with a degree in Business Administration. He has really always been an entrepreneur. He credits LCC and the relationships here for helping him launch into the world of e-commerce. During his years as a student, Daumantas was Co-Owner and Executive of Litwest Lumber, a company which trades raw wood and various timber products from Russia, Ukraine and Lithuania, to Austria, UK, US, Scandinavian countries.

After graduation he founded (2012) and (2013). is an innovative search engine and advertising system for local service providers in Lithuania with the mission to help potential employers and employees find each other and achieve their goals. is a platform created to find experts, to get help, and pay for it online.

Since 2016 February he is executive manager for– an internet platform for the comparison of prices in Lithuania. Daumantas exemplifies the role of a servant leader, being attentive to people around him who might be in difficult situations, and organizing social initiatives to help. 

LCC is pleased to recognize Daumantas Kirkutis as this year’s young award recipient. He continues to stay in touch with LCC, and we look forward to further opportunities for him to participate in various LCC initiatives, knowing that his life and activities exemplify the values of LCC through his leadership and philanthropy.

Donatas Ramonas

Donatas RamonasCongratulation to Donatas Ramonas, from the Class of 1998, for becoming the recipient of the 2017 Distinguished Alumni Award.

Donatas Ramonas graduated with a double major in Christian Studies and English. After LCC he pursued a Masters of Divinity degree from Princeton Theological Seminary. Donatas returned to LCC to teach in the Theology Department, spending 5 ½ years here between 2000 and 2010.

Donatas has over 15 years of experience in international business consultancy and training. In 2011, he founded CRC Consulting, a very successful company based in Vilnius, serving over 200 clients throughout Lithuania in three primary areas: strategy, organizational development, and marketing and sales. Donatas has focused on “Management by Mission” with many of their clients.

Donatas lives life as a person with a deep commitment to his faith and his spiritual journey, while also maintaining a cutting edge knowledge and practice in business.

In addition to his teaching here at LCC, Donatas served on the LCC Board of Directors for two years, has provided consulting services for us, and has partnered with us in ways that promote the distinctives that we represent.

LCC is pleased to recognize Donatas Ramonas as this year’s award recipient.