Alumni-On-Campus Day

Alumni-On-Campus Day

You Are Invited Back to LCC!

Since LCC’s founding in 1991, more than 1800 students have graduated and joined its alumni family. Once a month during the academic year the LCC Alumni Office invites an LCC graduate who has significant achievements and who is recognized by his or her associates for excellent performance. This day on campus provides current students with an important role model.

Giving back time, talent and treasure to LCC is vital.

We are very pleased to announce that you are invited to participate in this project and you are welcome to discuss your Alumni-On-Campus Day events with LCC Alumni Office.

An Alumni-on-Campus Day may include:


  • Coffee with Career Development Center
  • Lunch with staff and faculty
  • Campus tour
  • Meeting with president and other members of the executive team
  • Presentation of alumni pin
  • Interview with Corporate Communications Director for the Transformations newsletter
  • Dinner with seniors


  • Innovation Lab entrepreneurship breakfast
  • Open lecture
  • Guest speaker in a class


  • 2% of income tax (Lithuanian system)
  • Donations
  • Endowed scholarship
  • Class project opportunities

Let’s meet and celebrate this day together!