Erasmus+ Program for Staff


Erasmus+ is a program sponsored and initiated by the European Union to support education, training, youth and sport in Europe and encourages the mobility of students, staff between partner institutions within Europe and outside. Every year, LCC Center for International Education (CIE) applies and receives Erasmus+ funding through the European Commission which enables LCC students, faculty and staff to study, teach and train outside of Lithuania. Teaching and non-teaching staff are eligible to receive Erasmus+ funding and add to professional development, expand academic network and share good and bad practices with colleagues around Europe and outside.

A number of our staff and faculty have already participated in the program and made use of the opportunities offered through Erasmus+ program. We asked Šarūnė Tilvikaitė, Student Success Center (SSC) Coordinator, and Dr. Andrew Jones, Communications Department instructor, to share a little bit about their Erasmus+ experience.IMG-20180305-WA0003-2

Šarūnė, as a staff member, do you think going abroad for training was helpful for you?

Learning from other successful educational institutions is always a great idea. Going there and having a chance to see a little bit of that is even greater! My experience of going to Kuopio, Finland as an Erasmus+ participant was a valuable opportunity to see how leading education works in today’s world.

What is it that you did once you were in Finland?

The hosts introduced us to the Finnish educational model and how it’s student-centered, concentrating on their talents, and supporting their abilities. Besides that, the participants were IMG-20180223-WA0004-2able to connect, network and be creative. After 5 intensive days of workshops and seminars, we had bonded, shared our experiences on education and programs from various countries such as France, Spain, Germany, Belgium.

How did you benefit from this program?

This program has helped me see that LCC International University has developed a great leadership program throughout the whole university. We have leadership positions in various places from FYS to Study Abroad to Chapel Worship Team. This is a true asset.

Andrew, how and where did you get to teach with Erasmus+ program?

LCC is a hub of internationalism. Not only do we welcome students from all over the world onto our campus, but the CIE and Erasmus offers opportunities for faculty and staff to participate in training and teaching at our partner institutions. Last year, I was able to teaIMG-20180221-WA0038-2ch a class on political communication at our partner school in Lille, France.

What kind of people were you able to connect with?

I had the chance to recite a few lines of my favorite Danish poem for a colleague from Denmark, to talk media culture with colleagues from Brussels, and to zip through the city in a classic Citroen 2CV with a colleague from Mexico. Not only did I get to teach a course to a fresh population of eager students, I also got to connect with engaging colleagues from across Europe.

How did you benefit from this program?

The opportunity to teach a different population of students helped me think through how the core of the subject remains the same even while its expression changes across cultural and national lines.

The Center for International Education has more than 40 partners inside and outside of Europe and this academic year will provide funding for Erasmus+ exchange for at least 11 members of LCC academic community. Therefore, if you are interested in gaining new insight and expanding your professional network fill in the application online.

The application deadline is September 15, 2018.
You can find the application form for Erasmus+ here.