From The Desk of The President

A Campus for Critical Conversations

In recent weeks, LCC has been privileged to host a number of distinguished guests, who have engaged us in critical conversations.

ANTI-CORRUPTION REFORM IN UKRAINE: We hosted Vitaliy Shabunin, the Head of the Board of the Anti-Corruption Action Center, one of the largest anti-corruption NGOs in Ukraine. As a person of deep faith in a very dangerous role, Vitaliy engaged us in conversations that were fascinating and sobering. The development of civil society is a complex endeavor.

ANTI-HUMAN TRAFFICKING IN CANADA: Lieutenant Dominic Monchamp, a 20-year veteran from the Montreal Police Department’s section on human trafficking and sexual exploitation, was a speaker on campus, as a guest of the Canadian Embassy. His first-hand knowledge and compelling stories of success were profoundly engaging. This lecture fit very well into our annual “Dressember” events, where students participate in a global initiative to stop human trafficking.

“TRUST” AS SOCIAL GLUE IN DENMARK: The Nordic Council of Ministers, together with a member of the Lithuanian parliament, participated in an open discussion on campus – “TRUST as Social Glue.” The conversations continued well into the evening, with great insights on the cultural differences between countries that either encourage TRUST or not.

NATO IN THE BALTICS: I recently met with the new Canadian Ambassador, Kevin Rex. At the same event, I visited with the head of the Canadian NATO delegation to the Baltics, as well as the head of the entire NATO delegation to the Baltics (from Denmark). The NATO leaders found the story of LCC compelling. At one point, after hearing about our emphasis on cross-cultural communication and peacemaking, they suggested that we were doing the work of NATO.

KAZAKHSTAN AMBASSADOR TO LITHUANIA: A recent visit from the Kazakhstan Ambassador showcased once again the international nature of LCC. With 17 students from Kazakhstan, and questions regarding diplomacy coming from our students in our International Relations and Development program, the conversation was lively and future-oriented.

A Student-Initiated Endowed Scholarship

LEAN IN SCHOLARSHIP: A group of amazing young women at LCC have begun a Lean In Club, inspired by Sheryl Sandberg’s recent book. These students have hosted several critical conversations on campus, and have launched an endowed scholarship to help a future young female leader to attend LCC. A great opportunity to join a student-initiated effort.

Thank You

In all of these conversations, we recognize the profound responsibility and joy that we have at LCC – as an international university engaging young people in real-world issues, while giving them the foundational values of a Christian worldview. Thank you for joining us in this journey. We covet your prayers. We value your support.


Marlene Wall, PhD