From The Desk of The President

The Joy of Learning Student Stories

Each of us has a story. And each story matters. It is always delightful to learn the stories of our LCC students. Today I met with our newest students, those who began in January. How exciting to meet with students from Pakistan, Ecuador, Honduras, Ukraine, Lithuania, Russia, Cameroon, Kazakhstan, and Kyrgyzstan.

  • One is the son of a pastor of a persecuted Christian minority.
  • One is the sister of a 4th year LCC student, and had never held a Bible until she arrived at LCC.
  • These are students from 4 continents, who all happened to arrive at LCC at the same time. What a great group of new friends!
  • Pray for these students as they continue to adapt to the LCC community. We are grateful they have chosen to be here. We are LCC together!

Roommate Diversity

I recently received a copy of a first year student’s photo essay, describing his first semester with his roommates. Through photos and narrative, this Russian student shared the commonalities that transcended the differences among roommates.

He wrote, “I find the composition of countries represented really interesting, because of the political situation in the world today. Most people can’t believe that Russians can get along with Syrians and Americans, so we try to break the stereotypes.” (In his room in the residence hall, there were 3 war-affected students from Syria, one Study Abroad student from the US, and one Russian.)

He ended his photo essay with a quote from Mencius: “Friends are the siblings God never gave us.” What a profound message by one of our first year students. These are the future leaders of the world.

Thank You

These students do not come to LCC because they can afford it. Our modest $4000 USD annual tuition is well beyond the capacity of families from these countries. Therefore, we keep our expenses low, and we are grateful for each of you who partners with us in this unique mission of extending opportunities to students who might not otherwise experience them.

Thank you for your prayers and your support as we seek to “provide a Christian liberal arts education within a diverse learning community that transforms people for servant leadership.”



Marlene Wall, PhD