Global Sustainability Jam Akmenė 2017



Last weekend LCC Innovation Lab together with NGO Idėjos miestui organized a Global Sustainability Jam Akmenė 2017.

As Eglė Songailienė, LCC Innovation Lab director and Business Department instructor reflects: “Often, when I organize Jams, I find it challenging to communicate the idea since service design is not so popular in Lithuania. In Akmenė, none of the participants knew what service design or design thinking was and yet they came and dedicated their weekend to this thing that made no sense to start with. High-school students jamming with their parents and teachers, municipality representatives and active citizens. That was a powerful mix.”

According to the organizers, in Akmenė peoplewere exceptionally enthusiastic and engaged, visited local residents in their homes, shops, streets, used their phones to contact people. There was no need for a big pitch about the need for research, everyone danced, played and laughed together.

“Big thanks to Akmenė for showing once again that service design methods work. Service design works when used by teams of professionals. Service design works wonders when used by teams of complete novices.” – Eglė S.