Health and Human Flourishing: Multidisciplinary Perspectives


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March 23-25, 2017

Co-sponsored by LCC International University (Lithuania) and the Samford University College of Health Sciences (U.S.A.)

Hosted at the campus of LCC International University, Klaipeda, Lithuania.

How do you know if you are flourishing or just getting by? How do we determine the standards for happiness, welfare, health, and well-being across the different strata of modern life? Who decides what constitutes human flourishing, and in what contexts? Is health simply equivalent to the absence of disease or decay?  How do health and human flourishing relate in our lives, activities, choices and beliefs? How can various disciplines and professions work together to promote health and human flourishing in an increasingly complex world?

This conference defines HEALTH in its manifold senses as: physical; mental; environmental; aesthetic; linguistic; economic, spiritual; religious; social; and political. We invite papers from multiple disciplines: perspectives that define/explore, measure/assess, and address/treat issues of health and human flourishing. We also welcome interdisciplinary and interprofessional scholarship.

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