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Study Abroad Lithuania

Study Abroad Lithuania offers undergraduate students studying in North American Colleges and Universities the opportunity to spend a semester (fall, spring or summer terms) studying abroad at LCC International University (LCC).

Student Council

  • LCC Student Council Facebook Group The place to discuss all student concerns at LCC International University.
  • LCC Movie Festival Facebook Page LCC Movie Festival is an yearly event organized by Student Council that celebrates the endless creativity of LCC Students. Students are encouraged to be the creators of their own short movies that they share with the entire community.
  • LCC Link Facebook Group LINK is a project undertaken by students from Leadership Development class who want to LINK LCC students together through HELP EXCHANGE. If you need help with a class, or any extracurricular activity, LINK will connect you to the person at LCC who can give you a hand with it. In turn, you will have a chance to share your talent and knowledge with someone who needs it.

Admissions Department

  • LCC Republic is a blog run by several students that pens real stories about life and studies at the university. If you wonder what’s it like to be here, give it a read.
  • Saltshaker Facebook Page is an annual Christian youth conference Saltshaker brings together youth from Lithuania and Eastern European churches. Church leaders and representatives of Christian organization leaders join for one purpose – to empower youth to live and serve God in their countries.
  • LCC Academy Facebook Page is a program that has been created to assist senior high school students (10, 11, and 12 graders) in the transition of being a high school student, to becoming a university student.
  • CMAP Facebook Page. The Community Multicultural Awareness Program (CMAP) has been created to attempt to bridge the gap between predominately mono-cultural Lithuania (83.45% Lithuanians) and a multicultural Europe.

Other Departments

Student Projects

  • Hand2Hand Klaipėda The project was initiated by a team of 5 people from LCC. Officially it started operating in 2012 on the first of February and was a part of the Leadership Development class at LCC International University. The projet helps to provide people in need with clothing and food by gathering donations from Klaipeda community.