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Public Media and Censorship in Lithuania

Martynas Vainorius is a journalist and an editor of Atvira Klaipeda, the only online news portal in Klaipeda....



LCC International Week

This week, February 11-15, the Center for International Education (CIE) hosted LCC International Week for university partners and guests. Representatives from 14 countries gathered at LCC to learn more about liberal arts education, our facilities, and opportunities for students. LCC International We...

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C.S. Lewis’s ‘Socratic Myth’ of the Fall in its Cultural Context

Oxford University teacher and noted author C. S. Lewis (1898-1963) had a sharp eye for mistaken ideas about science and Christianity , which can go viral. This lecture describes his unique approach to dealing with one thorny problem between Christian theology and evolutionary theory.About the pres...

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Tricia Van Dyk: Living in a Perfect Place

When studying physics in the U.S., Tricia Van Dyk went to China for a year to teach English to Chinese students. During her visit to China she realized that teaching was her calling. Sharing knowledge with students and helping them feel comfortable with what they learn led Tricia to do her Ph.D. in ...



Scott Neumann: Experiencing Diversity First-hand

The first time Scott Neumann came to Lithuania was in 2007 as a part of his missionary work. However, the love for teaching brought Scott back to Lithuania in 2015. Despite facing cultural challenges at times, Scott admires the diversity of students at LCC and Lithuanian culture. Could you please...



100 Days to Graduation

Last Thursday, January 24, our senior students celebrated 100 Days to Graduation, LCC’s annual event that starts the countdown until fourth year students defend their theses and receive diplomas. Its our way to show gratitude to our students, honouring their hard work and pre-welcoming them to soo...



Matthew Steinfeld: Culture Shock Hits Late

Matthew Steinfeld grew up in a Christian household in the U.S. where he learned that teaching Bible is a continuous process of discovery. The desire to teach students who might not necessarily be Christian brought Matthew to Lithuania in the Fall of 2016. Now as he is establishing a family and worki...

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The World of LCC

Holding three citizenships, taking two gap years after high school graduation and joining LCC International University for her postgraduate studies - that is all about Amy Duckworth. She has travelled throughout Europe and beyond, studied in Germany for a few months and later came to LCC with her fr...

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Dovilė Urbanavičienė: Making Childhood an Adventure

LCC alumna Dovilė Urbanavičienė never attended kindergarten, but that did not keep her from establishing Miško darželis, a kindergarten where children sing songs around a fire, play in tepees, and enjoy childhood by exploring nature and experiencing personal freedom. In this setting, parents, t...

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John Milliken: Surprised to be Back

Back in 2003 John Milliken and his wife Rachel took a trip to Eastern Europe for the first time and immediately felt the desire to one day come back to this part of the world and work with students. In 2011 Milliken family came to LCC for the first time with their two children. What was initially ju...