Dr. Kirk Kauffeld

Dr. Kirk Kauffeldt, EdD

At LCC we are not interested in simply manufacturing university graduates. Our purpose is clear and we are deeply committed to it. We provide a quality university learning experience so that students may become truly well educated; critical thinkers, emerging leaders and engaged global citizens.

Our education model allows students the opportunity to customize their program of study in order to suit their career interests and aspirations. A feature of our interdisciplinary approach is that there is in fact more choice for students than our moderate, but growing, number of study programs suggest.

The best aspect of academic life at LCC is the interaction with our qualified faculty who have joined our university because of their commitment to effective student learning. They serve as respected role models and mentors to guide your academic career preparation.

Dr. Kirk Kauffeldt, EdD
Academic Vice President
Email: kkauffeldt@lcc.lt