Library Study Zones

LCC Library is introducing study zones and a new sign system that should help library users and visitors to easily find places according to the needs.

Quiet Study

Quiet Study places


  • Each of 65 blue study carrels is considered as a quiet study place.
  • Individual study only
  • No group work!
  • Red Quiet Study sign is used to designate the areas, tables
  • It is expected for students to keep silent while using one of the Quiet study places
  • If someone is not observing the quiet use policy, please remind the loud person/group of a possibility to use a group study place, or simply talk to librarians

Group Study

Group Study places


  • Library has designated three places for group study: 1 place in a periodical section and 2 in the back of the library
  • Areas / tables are marked with the blue sticker & signs
  • A group is three or more students
  • The places are suitable for 4 – 6 people
  • Only project related quiet discussions are allowed
  • Group study areas cannot be reserved in advance
  • Anybody can use the area if it is vacant

No Phone zone

No Phone zone


  • Library is a No Phone zone!
  • Phone conversations should take a place outside the library.
  • Please set the silent mode on your device when you enter the library.
  • Texting is allowed, as well as listening to music if headphones are on.