M.A. in International Management / M.B.A.

Partnership With Taylor University (USA)

The M.A. in International Management program is provided in collaboration with our partner and US-based Taylor University. Taylor’s widely respected MBA program provides strength and inspiration for the curriculum, and their faculty bring rich international experience in Business into the classroom. The collaborative M.A. in International Management is designed with Taylor University and is carried out on both LCC’s campus, and Taylor University’s campus, with students coming from the region of Eastern Europe and beyond.

This innovative partnership provides a curriculum with a great variety of academic disciplines: Marketing Strategy, International Business, Financial Management, Business and Society, Leading Organizational Change, and more. The delivery method is based on a face-to-face instruction approach, and incorporating elements of online learning in each course.

This new graduate program in International Management is structured so that working professionals throughout the region are able to complete the program in less than 24 months. Students attend short residency sessions (in Lithuania and in the USA) at the beginning of selected academic terms, and then work online with their professors to complete coursework. The program aims to introduce students to various areas of business. Similar to other M.B.A. programs, this program was developed so that people from all educational backgrounds, not only those with business interests, can increase their skill in business and management.. Program courses are taught by both LCC and Taylor faculty members, the majority of whom hold doctorate degrees, and are actively involved in consulting and research. Upon completion of the program, students will qualify to receive two diplomas: an M.A. in International Management from LCC International University and an M.B.A. from Taylor University.

A Program That Makes A Difference

A Word from Our Partner

The focus of MBA programs is on key enterprise-level decisions and implementation strategies required in today’s dynamic business and economic climate. Students and professors complete applied case studies, projects, and business research with local employers, which are meaningful and rewarding for both businesses and graduate students. The importance of community and relationships is also emphasized with a commitment to changing lives through shared experiences.

On behalf of the faculty and staff, I can tell you that we look forward to walking alongside you as you pursue graduate business studies. At Taylor an MA or MBA is not just about a degree – it is about positioning yourself to best use your God-given gifts and talents for a lifetime. We will interact with you on a personal level in a manner that best suits your needs. It is our pleasure to get the opportunity to walk alongside you in this decision and beyond.

Evan D. Wood, Ph.D., Faculty, Taylor University MBA


Each of the institutions collaborating in this program is accredited in their respective Higher Education jurisdictions through the relevant Quality Assurance agencies: LCC International University with SKVC, Lithuania and Taylor University with the Higher Learning Commission, USA.

Like LCC International University, Taylor University is associated with the Council for Christian Colleges and Universities (CCCU).

The study program is externally evaluated and by the Centre for Quality Assessment in Higher Education (SKVC), an independent public agency.  The program received the initial accreditation in 2014. A follow-up external review of the program will take place in 2019 after the initial program accreditation expires. For a full external evaluation report and experts recommendations to a program in 2014, please see here.

In addition, since Lithuania is a member of the EU, the M.A. in International Management diploma has EU-wide recognition.