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Prerequisite Intensive Module in English

As English is the language of instruction, LCC International University students must have strong English language skills. Some students who apply to LCC qualify in every way to attend; however, they would benefit from additional English language courses to improve their overall English language competence before entering into full time university studies. In these cases, LCC International University offers another opportunity – a one- or two- semester Prerequisite Intensive Module in English (PRIME).

The purpose of PRIME is to help students improve their academic English language skills and prepare them for studies at LCC International University.

PRIME studies provide a unique opportunity for students to be a part of an international university community and to study English language on a daily basis. In 2014-2015, students of LCC International University came from 26 different countries. In such an international community there are plenty of possibilities to practice English language skills both inside and outside the classroom.

PRIME is a unique program. The aim of PRIME is to prepare students for B.A. level studies in English by developing academic English language skills and study skills. Our goal is to help prepare students so that they can fully enjoy further studies at LCC International University and get the most out of them.

Like the rest of LCC’s courses, PRIME operates on a semester schedule. Each semester is 14 weeks. PRIME is designed for students to study for one or two semesters (September through December and January through April). Students with high incoming TOEFL scores and strong grades in PRIME will likely move to B.A. courses after one semester of PRIME. Students who enter with a low TOEFL score and earn low grades in PRIME the first semester will likely remain in PRIME for two semesters. In certain PRIME courses students can earn elective credits toward their LCC degrees.

What Former PRIME Students Have to Say

Izabelė, PRIME studentPRIME was definitely helpful. My English vocabulary is now richer and it is easier for me to study. My understanding of everything has changed in a positive way. Now I know how to analyze everything, how to think critically, how to read various texts better, especially how to find their purpose and their meaning. I also enjoyed PRIME because it gave me a deeper understanding of the English language and student life. I would recommend this program to anyone who does not feel confident enough about his or her English. It was wonderful preparation for my experience as a full-time student!

Izabelė from Lithuania, Psychology major

Lina, PRIME studentI chose the right way by studying in PRIME because it helped a lot with my further studies at LCC. There I’ve got the courage to speak in front of others, develop my vocabulary words, and a chance to immerse myself in writing and reading, which is extremely important at LCC. This program is a next step toward some great university years!

Lina from Lithuania, English/Theology major

Sabina, PRIME studentThe only thing that can help you to [succeed at LCC] is having Advanced level in English.  The students can get this opportunity in the PRIME, and also confidence, which is also important. Many freshmen did not have enough experience in English language practice before coming to LCC and thus, they might be shy talking with professors or in class. After PRIME, I did not have this problem; I am pretty confident with my level of English…my English language skills definitely improved; it’s important because, as a student in the B.A. program you will have many assignments, papers and presentations…since your level is great, you will learn and write much faster…those factors are really important.

My advice to PRIME students is, PRIME is a family, it is true friends that you will have for the entire life, so do not complain that “I do not want to lose a year, my classmates from school will graduate earlier than me”. I am a sophomore now, and my best friends at LCC are classmates from PRIME.

Sabina from Kazakhstan, English major

PRIME Courses

Fall Semester

  • Academic Reading and Vocabulary I (3 ECTS credits)
  • Introduction to University Writing (3 ECTS credits)
  • Academic Communication I: Listening, Note-taking and Discussion
  • English Grammar and Syntax (3 ECTS credits)

Spring Semester

  • Academic Reading and Vocabulary II (3 ECTS credits)
  • University Research Writing (3 ECTS credits)
  • Academic Communication II: Presentation Skills (3 ECTS credits)
  • Integrated Skills
  • Introduction to the Gospels: Mark
  • Contemporary Global Issues