Research Fellows

CFHFResearch Fellows of the Center for Faith and Human Flourishing may be in-residence or non-resident members of the LCC faculty. Research Fellows enjoy the following benefits and support:

  • Opportunities to conduct research in LCC’s international environment;
  • Access to LCC’s library, interlibrary-loan program, and online resources;
  • Access to funding for research projects, including housing for residential periods of study; and
  • Opportunities to teach specialized courses and present seminars/lectures.

The Center for Faith and Human Flourishing is currently accepting applications for Research Fellows, with priority given to these areas of study: faith integration, human migration, economic development, trauma, and textual and artistic conceptions of human flourishing. Email the CFHF Director ( for more information.

Current Fellows

Dr. Jonathan Warner
Economic Development; Economics, Religion and Morality; Monetary Substitutes
Dr. Jason Michael Peck
German and German-Jewish Philosophy and Literature; Literary Conceptions of Flourishing, Debt and Economic Relationships
Dr. Markku Ruotsila
Religious and Political History; US History; History of Evangelicalism and Fundamentalism