LCC Academy

This program has been created to assist senior high school students (10, 11, and 12 graders) in the transition of being a high school student, to becoming a university student. LCC Academy is a tool which aims to equip young adults in thinking critically and searching for answers to foundational questions, such as: Where do I come from? What is my purpose in life? What is Moral law? What’s next for me?

As a university, we believe that education, in other words the search for truth, is vital in transforming young people for servant leadership in this day and age.

CMAP (Community Multicultural Awareness Program)

Geared Towards 10–11th Grade Students

The program is created for 10–11th graders who are interested in getting to know more about other cultures and exploring the diverse world around us. During 9 sessions together with a team of LCC students we will listen to guest lecturers, take part in various activities, watch movies, and have discussions. A maximum of 60 seats available!

Please register by October 10th

The first session will be held on October 12th (Wednesday) @ 17:00 in Neumann Lobby.


I.D. series

Geared towards 11thand 12th grade students

ID series has been designed for 11th and 12th grade high school students. In the course of 4 lectures LCC instructors will look into 4 desires that we all share as humans: fame, money, talents, and power. A maximum of 60 seats available! 

Please register by November 9, 2016.

First I.D. series lecture is going to be held on November 10 (Thursday) @ 16:30, Kaminskienė Hall.