Student Testimonies

Name: Demkovych Oleksandra
Hometown: Ukraine – Sophomore 

Oleksandra Demkovych 5My dream to study at LCC was under a big question mark mainly because my family had doubts whether they will be able to cover all of the finances. Decision whether or not I am going to LCC was based on receiving financial aid that would at least cover 50% of tuition. I received 90% during my Freshman year. This was the first step of becoming a part of LCC community. Of course, my family was helping me with living and dorm expenses for two years. I was trying to become financially independent as soon as possible, so I went job-hunting. And step by step for the last two years I could afford to cover my  expenses completely during my second year. Being able to receive financial aid at LCC is truly an amazing opportunity to start managing your finances, creating plans for future. Why? Because I learnt what it means to earn money for your living and how hard and challenging it can be. I experienced the stress my parents had when they were deciding on letting me go to LCC. Supporting yourself financially is a long and scary process, but that is why we receive financial aid. Challenge yourselves and you will be amazed by the results! 

Name: Knyzelis Milvydas
Hometown: Lithuania – Junior

I am one of those lucky people who can receive a high class education without paying a cent for it. Education at LCC International University is way more than just a diploma. LCC’s multicultural environment will not only support you with unique experiences, but it will also challenge you to improve your personality. The thing that makes me exceptional is the Government Study Stipend which I received because I performed well in final school  examinations. More importantly, even though Government Study Stipend doesn‘t cover the entire cost of tuition, LCC covers the remaining amount. If you are a student from Lithuania, you also have the opportunity to receive LCC education for free. Don‘t miss your chance. You don‘t have much to lose.

Name: Marija Frenkel
Hometown: Lithuania – Junior

Applying to LCC was a bit frustrating because of the fact that my parents will have to pay for my studies. My family saw that education at LCC International University is worth every single cent they invested, since I attended Summer Language Institute and my progress after the program was obvious. From my very first day here I made sure that all the money my family invests is being worth it. I participated in many events, clubs and leadership activities at LCC. Because of the fact my parents were covering tuition expenses, I made sure that I earn money for living myself. From my first year here, I was seeking to find a job. Since then, I was able to work abroad as well as be employed in the couple of positions on campus. Being employed on campus is a wonderful opportunity if you want to balance your studies and work. I am very thankful to LCC and my parents for giving me an opportunity to grow and develop as an individual.

Name: Norvaiša Faustas
Hometown: Lithuania – Freshmen

From the beginning it was clear that my parents don’t have any possibility to pay for my studies and student life costs at the same time. Thus, my family was never wealthy, but we all understood that studies are not only needed for getting  a beautiful diploma, but rather as an investment in my future and career and this is why I chose LCC International University. However, to pay for the studies was a very difficult opportunity, thus, in order to ease the burden for the family, I found a summer job which gave me not only a great experience but also enough money for my student life until now.  On top of that I tried to get a student loan from the Lithuanian studies fund and I  was successful. I will have to re-pay the loan only a year after graduation in the 15 years period. I can only encourage everyone to not to be afraid of life challenges. Everything is possible if you choose wisely.

Name: Preisaitis Jonas
Hometown: Lithuania – Sophomore

In 2009 I graduated from a high school in the USA with high hopes to attend an ivy league University after finishing my community college studies. Once I got my 2 year college degree it wasn’t long before I realized that I wouldn’t be able to afford any university without going into huge dept. I instead decided to wait, wait indefinitely for my situation to change hoping that maybe university prices in the USA would decrease or maybe I could find an opportunity to continue my studies abroad. As of today the price of studies in the USA continues to rise, however I found an alternative to study here at LCC and transfer my credits so that my prior years of college studies wouldn’t go to waste. Being a native of Lithuania I found it a great opportunity to come back to my home country and finish my studies for a fraction of the price. I was very excited to hear about the opportunity to receive a scholarship here at LCC for outstanding leadership skills which I was awarded due to my previous experience. I am very pleased with my current living situation, the Christian ethos that LCC embodies, and of course the excellent professors that show extraordinary care for their students.

Name: Kaishauri Giorgi
Hometown: Giorgia – Sophomore

One goal I have in mind as a university student is to not let feasibility challenges deter my passion for receiving quality education. For this very reason, I am a part of LCC community, a place which embraces and rewards me for all my strengths and achievements. At the end of my freshman year, I received a President’s Leadership Scholarship which will cover 100% of the tuition for my second, third and fourth year studies. I am able to pay for living expenses by working in summers. Meanwhile, I know that none of my efforts to maintain excellent academic standing and student life engagement will go to waste. LCC has an abundance of opportunities for motivated students who are in need of financial help.

Name: Leanca Margareta
Hometown: Moldova – Sophomore

Rita 2 (2)What I value the most at LCC International University is community which offers a myriad of solutions and possibilities, including financial ones. During my freshman year, I found out about the possibility to apply for the Presidential Leadership Scholarship, which covers 100% tuition fees for the remaining three years of studies. I was determined enough to receive it, however my determination was not  guided only by the financial benefit it carries, which is in fact substantial. I also appreciate the honor, trust and support which align with the recipients of this grant. Moreover, I started working at LCC International University as a math tutor, which in turn is a great possibility to earn extra cash for living expenses and gain invaluable experience for my future career. I believe that opportunities exist for every student; it is  just  a  matter  of perseverance,  motivation  and needs.