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Open Door Day

LCC invites you to experience LCC on April 7th. We will open our doors, and we invite you to open your minds. It is not a regular open door day to learn what programs we offer or what the admissions steps are. We invite you to experience LCC from a closer look and listen to vibrant lectures which will challenge your minds.

Vibrant lectures.
Real Conversations.
Life changing experience.
Relevant Information.
Delicious snacks.

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Register before April 4th, 2017


Other Events

Throughout the year, LCC organizes various events that introduce interested young people to life and study environment at our university. One of the repeated events is Experience LCC. You can get a glance at what a typical day of the event looks like. Also, be sure to take a look at our campus facilities online.

Come and visit us to learn everything first hand. We are more than pleased to host groups from schools or individuals who are willing to experience what it’s like to be a student at LCC. Email or call to confirm the time: // +370 (46) 310 460.