M.A. in International Management

Our M.A. in International Management:

  • prepares qualified, adaptable, and flexible specialists of management who possess a deep knowledge of modern management theories and methods, and are able to assess and apply acquired knowledge in order to make enterprise-level decisions and implement strategies required in today‘s dynamic business and global economic environment;
  • delivers management theories and exposes their practical application in today‘s dynamic international business and global economic environment. The program is designed to meet the 21st century needs by addressing the organizational and global business such as intercultural mindset, global engagement, diversity, respect and sustainability;
  • creates conditions for independent and innovative research, which impacts communities, organizations, and ministries globally. Program focuses on the most relevant knowledge in international management based on fundamental and applied scientific research;
  • develops ethical and effective business leaders emphasizing the importance of moral standards and principles of business and management in decision-making, especially in regard to the effective use of human resources;
  • creates an environment of self-learning and evaluation that fosters ongoing personal and professional development.

After Graduation

Management is a part of every profession and organization and as such the career opportunities for graduates of the M.A. program in International Management are very broad. Graduates will be able to work in various companies at the middle or upper management level. Most upper management careers require an advanced degree in business. The list of possible career opportunities for graduates with an M.A. in International Management includes the following: Marketing Manager, Business Manager, CEO, Human Resources Manager, Product Manager. In addition, management analysts often have a Master’s degree, especially one that includes the academic rigor of thesis research. This qualification is particularly necessary in order to work in international and national businesses, governmental and NGO, educational institutions and other organizations which are developing and implementing international projects, whose operations are cross-border or cross-cultural. The international perspective of this program will add great value since many companies operate worldwide, most executive and top-level management positions will go to employees with graduate degrees like the M.A. in International Management. Career opportunities will be found in NGOs, government foreign service departments and in business units as such: marketing, finance, transportation and logistics, and business research and analysis. Graduates from the program will have the unique advantage of being prepared to recognize and utilize global business opportunities either as entrepreneurs or entrepreneurs. Students who complete the MA will also be prime candidates for promotion and as such can move up in the management area of any career that they are currently working in. This would apply to professional areas such as health care, education, and engineering. While career opportunities are broad and plentiful, the M.A. in International Management program, with a strong research focus, will also ensure that graduates are eligible for higher level study programs.


The strength of the program is built on an international faculty who are highly qualified and respected in their areas of expertise and bring many years of practical experience, including:
 - Dr. David Arnott
PhD in Management, University of Texas at Arlington
- Dr. Evan Wood
PhD in Technology Management, Indiana State University
- Dr. Jeffrey Suderman
Doctor of Strategic Leadership, Regent University

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