Alumni Mentoring Program

Alumni Brainstorming_-2Ever wondered what life at LCC is today? One of the great ways to feel the pulse of your University even after graduation is mentoring a student.

Remember those days as an undergraduate student with many questions and few answers? Not much has changed. We still have a University full of curious students who can always benefit from the experience and guidance of the alumni. Join our Alumni Mentoring Program and become a mentor to a student. The great thing of this mentoring program is this – YOU CHOOSE the area that you can help the students with and we will help you meet the student who needs such guidance.

The program is for:

Alumni – to learn new and valuable experiences, share personal experience and knowledge, contribute to the development of a new generation of leaders; 

Students – to learn from the experiences of alumni, develop servant leadership skills, receive the advice and recommendations.  

We believe that the program will help both – alumni and students to:

  • grow professionally;
  • enrich social capital;
  • create new friendships;
  • start or develop meaningful and valuable projects;
  • contribute to the university’s mission. 

The program will be tied to many departments at the university: Academic Departments, Career Development Center, LCC Innovation Lab, Student Council. 

If you are interested to participate please fill in the Registration Form:

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