LCC International University has become a reality largely because of contributions of time and money from thousands of people. All of you have been recipients of philanthropic gifts through the voluntary presence of North American professors at LCC. Many of you have also been recipients of financial aid. Giving to one’s Alma Mater is a deliberate act of promoting the type of education and values it brings to a larger society. As a graduate from LCC, please remember that there are hundreds of young people who hope to study at our university but have no financial means to do that. Consider helping them fulfill their dreams by contributing towards LCC financial aid. If each alum gave at least 29 EUR a year, this would fund at least 17 students at LCC. Also, we would like to encourage alumni who will live and work in Lithuania to make use of the law that allows them to donate 2% of their income tax to a non-profit organization (such as LCC). It is such a great way to do good by simply filling out a form and letting the money that you would normally give to the government be transferred to LCC.

If you have an internship or job opportunity for students or for alumni, don’t hesitate to contact the Career Development Center at An email with those job offers will be sent to all alumni that signed up to receive job offers.

If you would like to become an ambassador for LCC, get involved in the LCC Admissions work and help us recruit more students. E-mail us at and we will match your interests with our opportunities.