Alumni Success

Since 1991 when LCC opened its doors to the first group of students, many things have changed, except one: LCC’s mission to provide university education within an international learning community that transforms people for servant leadership.

ieva pikzirnyte photoIeva Pikžirnytė — is a local and regional food and drink expert as well as food editor. Ieva is a 2011 graduate from LCC with a degree of International Business Administration. In 2013, she graduated with a Master’s degree (MSc) in Food Identity from Groupe Ecole superieure d’Agriculture d’Angers in France. “LCC gave me the universal degree for the rest of my life: the one that consists of  both professional as well as interpersonal knowledge. The set of competencies gained at LCC, I believe, will be used in many areas in your life. It’s a perfect institution to grow, develop, unfold and mature. Being immersed in multicultural and liberal arts environment, it prepared me to jump onto the next adventures in Food Identity (not business world). I will be forever grateful to my Alma Mater.”

Simona AndrijauskaiteSimona Andrijauskaitė is a 2013 graduate from LCC with a degree of International Business Administration. She started her professional career in fashion industry and since 2014 she is CMO/Head of Sales of „Interactio“. Simona is also a Co-Founder of this start-up, which created a simultaneous translation in attendee’s phone mobile system that fully replaces audio streaming hardware for live events. With only a laptop and internet access, any kind of audio can stream to listeners’ phones or tablets via our mobile app.

„LCC was a significant place for me, mostly because of the life changing relationships I have established there. Multicultural environment and some professors completely shaped my mindset and were really helpful at the start of my own business. This is where I met my current business partner, also friends and mentors for life.“