Alumni Success

Since 1991 when LCC opened its doors to the first group of students, many things have changed, except one: LCC’s mission to provide university education within an international learning community that transforms people for servant leadership.

Looking back at LCC’s beginning, Dovilė Ivaškevičiūtė from the first graduating class reflects,

For me LCC was one of the most beautiful periods of my life. Among the essentials that I took away with me, friendships with many wonderful professors and students, the knowledge of language that provides me with work, and intercultural communication skills are most treasured for me. However, when I just graduated I could hardly envision that LCC could grow so much and gain national and international recognition that it has now. I am truly happy to see the progress that the school has made.

Almost 10 years later, Jurij Dobriakov from the 2005 graduating class says,

LCC is a distinct educational institution where every opinion is welcome, even though it might be a non-conformist one. That is what I value most about my education here. Looking to the future, I think that LCC has a great infrastructural growth potential as well as great prospects for community development. My wish for LCC is to maintain its uniqueness and encourage the liberal arts mindset amidst all the growth.

LCC Alumni are working in 25 countries around the world. 81% are working in their home countries, such as Lithuania, Latvia, Albania and Belarus. Some are gaining work experience abroad and are employed for example in India, the United Arab Emirates, France or other European countries.

The employment rate of LCC Alumni is high. Only 1.6% are currently looking for a job. More than one third of our alumni are working in responsible positions, such as directors of departments or companies. More than 10% are teaching in high schools or universities or are working as translators.

Many of our graduates pursued further studies in Lithuania and abroad. A total of 26.5% have either completed graduate and post-graduated studies or are still in the process. LCC Alumni have studied in the US, UK, Germany, Sweden, Russia and other countries and hold degrees in Law, Civil Engineering, Clinical Psychology, Counseling, Fashion design, Human Resources, Journalism, Translation, Organizational Leadership, Marketing, Theology, Social Economy, and many more.