Curriculum and Materials


The Institute promotes an informed curriculum with the goal of leading students to progress in their communicative competence of the English language. Methodologically, class activities integrate the four skills of reading, writing, listening and speaking. The aims of the classes are to encourage students to analyze the system of language usage, to expose them to a variety of authentic English language materials, and to encourage communication skills.

Elementary – present tense verbs, pronouns, questions, negatives; learning vocabulary for daily use; writing postcards, dialogues.

Pre-Intermediate – past, future verbs, perfect tenses, giving directions, performing role plays; writing postcards.

Intermediate – modals, conditionals, passives; reading texts for information, giving a public speech, writing letters.

Upper Intermediate – clauses and phrases, modals, conditionals, reading news and novels, writing essays, public speeches.

Advanced – students may select a general focus, a business correspondence  (written) focus, a business communication (oral) focus, or a reading and discussion focus.


There is no one set of required curriculum materials, but rather teachers are encouraged to plan lessons from the variety of sources which are available. In general, appropriate materials are ones which are clearly written, promote student involvement, and lead the student progressively though authentic material. We currently have a good variety of teaching materials to use and are continually upgrading our resources as our budget allows. Teachers are encouraged to bring their own resources for materials as well as to use the wealth of resources on the Internet.


Classes are held for 13 weeks each semester. Classes convene on weekday evenings, and each class runs for two academic hours. Class size varies from 10-12 students.