Information for Teachers

The English Language Institute (ELI) program is a youth and adult education program that provides working professionals in the city of Klaipėda with relevant, interactive English language instruction. Instructors assist people in reaching their language goals, equipping them with competitive communication skills that will help them facilitate the development and growth of their skills. They also have the opportunity to form relationships with students and have conversations that go beyond mere language instruction.

Curriculum & Materials

Classroom activities integrate the skills of reading, writing, listening and speaking. The focus is on interactive lessons that encourage the development of effective communication. LCC uses the Headway Series and New English File, both published by Oxford University Press as guiding textbooks. These series cover a wide range of language levels, from elementary to advanced. Each level has its own curriculum set, with a student book, workbook, pronunciation book, audio recordings and teacher’s guide. Within the series’ framework, instructors have the freedom to plan their classes using a variety of other available resources. LCC has a large and continually expanding selection of supplementary materials.


Classes are held for 13 weeks each semester. Classes convene on weekday evenings, and each class runs for two academic hours. Class size varies from 10-12 students.


ELI students are well-educated, eager to learn and serious about their studies. They are looking to improve their English language skills for personal or work-related reasons. They are seasoned language learners, for whom English is a third or fourth language. All students pay tuition to attend ELI classes.


LCC requires that all ELI instructors have a minimum of a BA degree, preferably in any of the following areas: general education, foreign or second language teaching methods (TESL, TESOL), linguistics, English, reading or literacy. Instructors preferably have teaching experience, especially teaching English as a foreign or second language.

Date & Length Options

Assignments range from one term, to one school year, to several years. Fall semester classes run from September to mid-December, while spring semester classes run from mid-January to late April. All expatriate instructors begin their semester at LCC with a few days of orientation. If you are not able to come for this long, explore our one month Summer Language Institute.