Teacher Seminars

Making Thinking Visible: Using Thinking Routines to Encourage Deeper Learning and Engagement in the Language Classroom

Lecturers: Gretchen Ketner, M.A. and Eugenija Kungienė, M.A.

As teachers, we want to help our students truly learn and understand more deeply, not simply memorize material for a test.  When we can “see” what students are thinking we can know better how to take students’ thinking to the next level.  Thinking routines can serve as tools to help us lead our students into deeper thinking and learning.  This workshop will feature several examples of thinking routines and will demonstrate ways that language teachers can incorporate them into their classrooms.

Date: March 29, 2018

Time: 14:00-15:30

Place: LCC International University, Kretingos 36, Klaipėda

Register in advance by March 27th at https://www.lcc.lt/home/english-center/english-teacher-seminars-form/


Communicative Language Assessment: Promoting Best Practice for English Language Classrooms

Date: November, 2017

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