Spiritual Life

Community, Cross, & New Creation

Understanding the Mission of the LCC Spiritual Life Department

LCC International University understands education to be both intellectual development and character formation.

Within this framework the Spiritual Life Department at LCC provides students with opportunities to develop in their understanding of the Christian faith and to experience the transforming nature of Christian community. We accomplish this through intentional programs and discipleship.

Foundational to our activities, events and programs are three images that we use to articulate the Christian faith: Community, Cross, and New Creation.


In John 17, Jesus prayed that all Christians might experience community with the Trinity and with one another, “so that the world might believe….”

The goal of Christian community is the reconciliation of humanity to God and to one another. Jesus tells us in Matthew 5 to be the salt and light in the world. In other words, we live intentionally and presently as beacons, touching the lives of those around us.

An example of this is Community Meals, where staff, faculty, and students gather for fellowship and share a common meal. Other community building activities include small group Bible studies, student-led prayer and worship nights, and weekly Chapel services.


In Scripture, the cross is both the unique means by which Christ redeemed the world and the image that Jesus used to teach discipleship to his followers. And just as Jesus bore the cross to redeem the world, so too when Christians follow Jesus’ example by bearing the cross of serving others they communicate God’s redeeming love to the world.

We teach our students to continue God’s work of redemption by sharing His love through their volunteer service in the Klaipėda community. Opportunities we currently provide include opportunities to work with the orphanages and social services.

New Creation

Romans 8:19-21 speaks about freedom and hope: a freedom from creation’s bondage to sin and a hope in the day when the glory of God’s children will be revealed with Jesus Christ.

Within this framework, we teach our students to pursue a life that is free from the entanglements of sin and a vocation that promotes Christian hope in the world. We also model this message of freedom and hope for our students by being people of prayer, the Scriptures, the church, and those who use their time, talents, and resources to build the Kingdom of God.