An LCC ID Card is an official LCC International University document intended to be used as the primary source of identification for faculty, staff and students.
The LCC ID Card also unlocks university doors for faculty, staff and students and allows them to check out textbooks and materials from the library, to use the Michaelsen Center facilities and parking lot, to use printing and copying machines, to participate in seminars at LCC, and to receive discounts from our university partners.
In order to unlock the doors or gates, you have to scan the card on the particular entrance reader. The distance between your card and the reader can be up to 15 cm.

All questions regarding the student ID card, need to be directed to Student Life Office Assistant (DeFehr 22)

Card Validation

It is mandatory that every student has an activated LCC ID Card. Student cards are valid for an unlimited time, unless the student permanently leaves or is suspended or dismissed from the university. After graduation, the student card will continue to be valid.

Card and Parking Fees

The LCC ID card has a one-time fee of 10 EUR for students. Cards that need to be replaced due to a name change or that have been lost, stolen, or damaged will be re-issued at a 10 EUR cost for students. Parking lot usage for all ID Card holders is at no cost.

Procedure for issuing the LCC ID Card

All new students will receive an ID card once they arrive on campus. If you card does not work, please see the Student Life Office Assistant. If you need a new ID card because To collect your replacement card , you must appear in person at the Student Life front desk. A valid ID card must be presented for identification purpose.

Card usage

Students are expected to carry their LCC ID Card with them at all times and to present it to university security, other university officials or Governmental institutions’ inspectors whenever asked. The responsibility for the safety and usage of the card lies with the person whose name is on the card. It is prohibited to give your card to another person or to use another person’s card.