There are three parts to the application process:

  • Program Application
  • Peer and Faculty Recommendations - Email the recommendation links to your roommate/friend and a faculty member to complete on your behalf. When they submit the form it will come straight to us.
  • Speak with your Off-campus Programs office (contacts below) and ask for their study abroad application and procedures. They may guide you to speak with Financial Aid / Student Accounts and your academic advisor.


Spring Semesters

  • September 1 – Early Application Deadline
  • October 15 – Final Application Deadline

Summer Term and Fall Semesters 

  • February 15 – Early Application Deadline 
  • March 15 - Final Application Deadline

Off-campus Programs Offices

Contact the following people at your university to ask for details about Study Abroad Lithuania. Most universities have specific requirements that you must meet before studying abroad. If they require a separate application, you may complete both applications at the same time.