Summer Academy

Summer Classes

Take one or more courses during our summer sessions at LCC. Enjoy learning in an international environment while earning credit that will transfer back to your university.

  • Learn alongside international students for either 1/2/3 weeks intensive courses.
  • Select one of the courses offered and listed on our Selecting Courses page.
  • Courses will be available online in February, but you can email to inquire regarding specific courses.
  • Pre-approve transfer credit to home university prior to registration.
  • Transcripts will be sent to the partner college upon completion of the course.

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Selecting Courses 

Pre-registration Deadlines

Registration for summer courses starts on February 19 and will be open until March 31.  If you miss this deadline, you can still register for courses, but you will likely be put on a wait-list.


  • Select one or two courses from the Summer course offerings.
  • Consult your Off Campus coordinator and/or your academic advisor to determine how LCC courses transfer to your college.
  • Email your list of courses to

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