Fellows Program

Are you planning to study abroad in Lithuania and interested in taking your immersion experience to the next level by gaining more experience in your field of study or interest?

The Study Abroad Lithuania Fellows Program provides undergraduate students the opportunity to gain hands-on experience through mentorship, volunteering, scholarly study, community involvement and cultural engagement.

Fellows are given the opportunity to serve as a volunteer or intern during their study abroad semester in a variety of fields including teaching English, leadership, innovation, communications, and social justice.

For more information on the program offerings and availability email vgiedraitiene@lcc.lt.

What LCC Provides through the program

  • 5-20 hours of work per week
  • Supervision – from Study Abroad Director and Mentor
  • Incorporation of student’s goals
  • Record of time worked and assignments completed
  • Feedback and evaluation of student performance
  • Reference/recommendation
  • Certificate of participation and program completion

Program Focuses

Global Leadership Summit Intern

Only for Fall semester. Help coordinate the annual Global Leadership Conference hosted by LCC International University and experience multiculturalism firsthand as you work on an international team and gain leadership skills.

English Language Teaching Assistant (Children/ Teens)

Actively and creatively serve as a teaching assistant for young children ages 8-15 who come to LCC for English lessons on a weekly basis. Build relationships with children as you learn to manage a small classroom and provide meaningful English language instruction in a semi-formal setting.

Student Success Center Tutor

Put your English language skills to use as a peer tutor, helping freshmen with their academic writing skills.

Academic Conference Intern

Only for Spring semester. Help organize or present in the annual academic conference hosted by LCC International University. Engage with intellectuals from all over the world and discuss a variety of subjects related to the conference theme.

Social Media & Photography Intern

Gather stories from others or share your own in a creative outlet as you manage the Study Abroad Lithuania social media.

Youth Discussion Group

Co-lead a discussion group of voluntary students who want to improve their English speaking skills. Working with your mentor, you will plan topics and questions for weekly meetings, engage in conversations with students encouraging them to speak English as much as possible.

Study Abroad Fellows Program FAQs

Who can apply?

Students that have been accepted to participate in Study Abroad Lithuania may choose to apply for the Fellows Program which allows them to concentrate their educational and immersion experience into one specific field. Participants must show academic competency and interest in their specific field of focus in order to be admitted into the program. There are 7 different focuses within the program (outlined above). For more information on the Fellows Program or a specific program focus and availability, please email studyabroad@lcc.lt.

How to apply?

If you have been accepted for a Study Abroad Lithuania semester and have confirmed your participation by paying your deposit, you may apply for the Fellows program. The Fellows application is found in the bottom left under Download. The applications need to be submitted to studyabroad@lcc.lt.

Is internship credit offered through the fellows program?

The Fellows program is not an independent study, a paid job or an internship for credit. Credit is not offered through LCC, though depending on the student’s home University, they may be eligible to receive credit through their home institution. For more details on how to do this, the Fellow should talk with the Study Abroad Director.