Program Details

Why should I study in Lithuania?

If you are looking for a study abroad experience that is a North American bubble – overseas – then this is NOT the program for you! Immerse yourself with 600 students from over 20 different countries, while living and studying at an English speaking university. Take classes in your program of study. Engage in the local community through internships and volunteerism. Travel throughout the Baltics and Russia. And do it all for the same price as a semester at your home institution.

Will I be able to travel?

YES! As a program we guarantee four countries during your time with us. You will live in Lithuania, we will take you to Latvia and Estonia, and for semester break we will spend 8 days in Russia. Four countries, guaranteed, and included in your program fees. Also, Lithuania is smack dab in the center of Europe – making it a great base for weekend excursions. Or, take advantage of your strategic location by traveling for a few days or weeks before or after your semester.


Will study abroad delay my graduation?

Not at all! One of the unique features of Study Abroad Lithuania is that you study at a traditional liberal arts university. That means you can take a wide range of general education (core) courses and Bible course that transfer back to meet specific requirements at your university. We also offer a wide range of major level coursework in the following areas: Business, English, Theology, Psychology, Sociology, and Conflict Studies.

Are classes available in my major?

LCC offers majors in Business, English, Psychology, Theology, International Relations, and Communications and minors in Sociology, and Conflict Studies. You will find a variety of classes in those subjects. However, all majors can apply to Study Abroad Lithuania. Due to the wide range of courses you can take – including general education and Bible coursework – our program works for almost all majors.

Will I receive credit for the classes I take at LCC?

Yes, all your credits will transfer back to your home institution. You will have all of your courses pre-approved, so you will know which requirements they will meet. You will earn 15-17 credits for your semester.

Where will I take my classes?

Classes at LCC meet in the DeFehr Center, LCC’s academic building.

What if I don’t speak Lithuanian?

No problem! English is the language of instruction at LCC, therefore you will be able to easily engage with all your professors and classmates. Keep in mind, LCC is an international university – not all LCC students speak Lithuanian either! However, we do encourage you to take Intro to Lithuanian – a great way to learn some of the language and culture of your home away from home.

Application Process

What are the requirements for the program?

  • 2.7 GPA
  • Sophomore standing or higher
  • Approval from your home institution
  • All majors can apply

How do I apply for the program?

Applying is easy! We require you submit a program application, dorm application, faculty recommendation, peer recommendation, and a copy of your passport! For more information please visit our Application portion of the website.

What if I do not have a passport?

Apply as soon as possible. Click here for the US State Department (US citizens) and Passport Canada (Canadian citizens).

How do I get a passport?

Apply as soon as possible. Click here for the US State Department.

Will I lose my financial aid if I study abroad for a semester?

If you attend one of our partner institutions, you remain eligible for most, if not all, financial aid. Contact the Off-Campus Programs office at your school to find out the specific details for your institution.

Are there any scholarships available?

While Study Abroad Lithuania is less expensive than most study abroad semesters (and may even be cheaper than a semester at your home institution!) there are still opportunities to help you reduce the cost of travel and minimize the impact on your bank account! For a complete list of scholarship opportunities visit our Useful Link portion of the website. Review the list to check your eligibility and check out the links to learn more.  You may also want to check to see if your home institution offers scholarships for a semester abroad. For more information regarding financially supporting study abroad email studyabroad@lcc.lt.

What is included in the program fee?

  • 15-17 credits – 5 courses, 3 North American credits each
  • Use of textbooks from the LCC Library
  • Housing – rooming with 3 European students
  • Monthly stipend for food and entertainment
  • One week orientation through Lithuania
  • Trip to Latvia and Estonia
  • Semester break trip to Russia – 8 days
  • Lithuanian Student Visa
  • Internship or Volunteerism placement (optional)

Life in Lithuania

What is it like to live there?

Klaipėda is a European city of 200,000 people. You can explore cafes along the cobble-stoned old town streets, relax on the beautiful white sandy beaches, shop at the outdoor market, enjoy the world-renowned jazz club, or just hang out with your new international friends.

Where will I live?

Study Abroad students are housed in the two LCC student residences. Neuman Hall, opened Fall 2007, and Enns Hall, opened Fall 2011, are both located on campus. In both halls you will share a room with 2-4 Eastern European roommates, have your own bathroom and fridge, and a common kitchen on each floor. There is also a study room and a laundry room in each dorm for student use.

Pre-departure Planning

What types of items should I pack?

Check out our online student handbook for packing lists and suggestions from former study abroads. Keep in mind, you will experience seasons in Lithuania, so pack accordingly! Study Abroad Lithuania will provide you with an inventory of home goods – so you don’t need to pack any bedding or dishes. You will, however, want to bring a towel.

How should I book a flight to Lithuania?

Once you have been accepted into the program you will receive information regarding your arrival and departure dates. You will fly into and out of Vilnius Airport (airport code VNO) and the Study Abroad staff will meet you at the airport on the first day of orientation. When it’s time to return at the end of the semester the staff will help you get back to the airport in time to make your return flight. When booking a flight we recommend checking a few websites and comparing prices. Keep in mind you will have a layover somewhere in Europe before coming to Lithuania. For suggested flight search websites visit the useful links portion of our website.

Should I bring my cell phone to Lithuania?

Most study abroad students do not have a cell phone during their semester at LCC. If you want to bring your phone, it will need to be tri-band to function in Lithuania. You can buy a Lithuanian sim card in any grocery store.

Can I ship items?

Yes. However, it is not highly recommended. You will be surprised to discover that you actually can bring everything you need in 2-50 pound suitcases (and you will probably still have much more “stuff” than your roommates). But, if necessary, you can ship items to LCC. Just be sure to allow plenty of time. Also, any package with a stated value of over $20 USD will be subject to customs fees in Lithuania.

Should I bring my computer?

While it is not required, we strongly recommend you bring your computer. Both dorms and the LCC academic building are outfitted with computer labs for student use. However, during peak hours they can be busy. We have found that students enjoy the freedom that their laptop provides.

What sort of converters/transformers do I need for my electrical appliances?

Lithuania uses 220 volts and 50 cycles (HZ). North America uses 110 volts. You will need a converter (changes the voltage) and/or an adapter (from the two flat North American prongs to the two round European prongs) for your electrical appliances. Most computers and Ipod chargers already will convert voltage. Look at the large box on your battery pack to see what voltages it supports.

How will I get from the airport to LCC?

We make it so easy! As long as you arrive on the scheduled day, someone from Study Abroad Lithuania will meet you in the arrivals hall at the airport. The first three days you are in Lithuania you will actually be in Vilnius, the capital of Lithuania. We will travel as a group back to Klaipėda.

Do I need a visa?

Yes. However, our office takes care of the entire process and fees for you. You will start the student visa process the semester before you come to Lithuania. You will need to apply in person either in Chicago, New York or Washington DC, or when you arrive in Lithuania if you do not live close to an embassy. If you are not a US/Canadian citizen, please keep in mind that you may need additional time to process your visa documents. If you have any questions, please email Rugilė Norkūnaitė.

How can I get an ISIC?

Ask your Study Abroad Office on campus if they issue ISIC cards or click here to find the location nearest you selling ISICs.

Does the program provide medical insurance?

No, but you will need to be sure that you have insurance that will be valid internationally. Most major carriers offer provisions for overseas travel. ISIC will provide your proof of coverage to enter the country, but you may also want to have the additional insurance that your current carrier provides.

How safe is it in Lithuania?

LCC is located in Klaipėda, Lithuania, a city of 200,000 people. While the city is safe, we encourage students to use “city-smarts” and walk in groups or take taxis after dark.