Semester Program

Courses / Academics

The course offerings are posted on our website by semester. Our largest academic majors are Business, English, Psychology, Communications, International Relations, and Theology. There are a wide range of courses that could meet general education (core) requirements or requirements for your major. All courses are taught in English.



Once you are accepted into the program you will be asked to submit a non-refundable deposit of $200 USD, which will be subtracted from the overall program fee.

Your deposit can be paid online.

Program fee

If you are currently studying at one of these schools, you pay directly to your home institution in order to maintain your student status and eligibility for most financial aid. If your school is listed on our partner list (but not included in the list above) it means that you will definitely qualify for Federal and State aid; however, you might not necessarily be able to take your institutional financial aid off campus. Ask your Off Campus office for specific details at your college. If your college is not included in any of the lists, please contact us for complete details at

About one month before the semester begins, LCC sends participation invoices to each school.

For the cost of your semester or other information regarding future semester fees contact

Keep in mind that total program costs billed to you through your school may differ from our program fee, depending on your campus’s policies.

In case your institution does not allow you to apply your institutional financial aid to off-campus programs, you might consider applying for external scholarships. More information about scholarships is available in the Useful Links section on our website.

Included in Your Semester

  • 15-17 North American semester hours or 30-33 European semester hours (5-6 courses)
  • housing shared room with 3-4 European roommates
  • monthly stipend (cash) for food and entertainment
  • orientation week travel throughout Lithuania
  • weekend trip to Riga and Tallinn
  • one week semester break trip to St. Petersburg and Moscow
  • Lithuanian student visa
  • use of textbooks from the LCC library (you don’t have to buy them)


En route to Lithuania you will change planes in Western Europe (London, Amsterdam, etc.). You can book a stopover there for a few days or weeks before or after your semester – highly recommended since you’ll be there anyway. You need to land in Vilnius (VNO), since that’s where the Study Abroad staff will pick you up and that’s where the Orientation will begin.


  • you will be a sophomore, junior or senior
  • you have completed at least one semester at your university
  • you have a cumulative GPA of at least 2.7
    * those with a GPA lower than a 2.7 may be considered in cases of special circumstances.

** all majors can apply

Dates / Itinerary

Spring 2018

  • September 15: Early acceptance deadline
  • October 15: Application deadline
  • January 4–7: Orientation & Travel in Lithuania
  • March 3 – March 11: 1 week trip to St. Petersburg & Moscow
  • April 5 – 8: Weekend trip to Riga & Tallinn
  • April 23 – 27: Final exams
  • April 29: Departure from Lithuania

May Term 2018

  • May 5: Arrival to Lithuania and Orientation
  • May 7: Classes begin
  • May 25: Final exams
  • May 26: Departure from Lithuania

Fall 2018

  • February 1: Early acceptance deadline
  • March 15: application deadline
  • August 28-September 2: Orientation & Travel in Lithuania
  • September 27-September 30: Weekend trip to Riga & Tallinn
  • October 27 – November 4: 1 week trip to St. Petersburg & Moscow
  • December 17-21: Final exams
  • December 22: Departure from Lithuania

Spring 2019

  • September 15: Early acceptance deadline
  • October 15: Application deadline
  • January 8 – 13: Orientation & Travel in Lithuania
  • March 9 – March 17: 1 week trip to St. Petersburg & Moscow
  • April 5 – 8: Weekend trip to Riga & Tallinn
  • April 29 – May 3: Final exams
  • May 4: Departure from Lithuania