Internship Program

Are you hoping to gain experience in your academic major or field of interest while studying abroad?

Study Abroad Lithuania offers internships in many areas of study, community involvement, and cultural engagement. All students are encouraged to apply for an internship position during their semester abroad, in addition to taking courses at LCC. You can choose from one of the internship positions below, or let us know your interests and we will arrange a position especially for you.

The Internship Program is not an academic internship, independent study, or paid job. Although credit is not offered through LCC, you may be eligible to receive transfer internship credit through your home institution. For more information about internship positions and credit transfers, contact

Included in an Internship:

  • 5-20 hours of experience per week
  • Supervision by the Study Abroad Director and internship mentor
  • Incorporation of academic goals/requirements
  • Record of hours worked and assignments completed
  • Feedback and evaluation of student performance
  • Certificate of participation and program completion
  • Reference/recommendation letter

Available Internship Positions

Below are internship positions that students have enjoyed in the past. If you do not see something that interests you or meets your academic requirements, please let us know. We have other connections with local businesses and organizations, and are happy to design a position just for you.

Community Multicultural Awareness Program (CMAP)

Become knowledgeable about the diversity that exists within Lithuania and Europe. Engage with local high school students by leading CMAP activities and discussions on topics like social justice, minorities, gender equality, and current events.

Great for: International Relations, Conflict Studies, Communication – or any major with an intercultural focus.

English Language Teaching 

Actively and creatively serve as a teaching assistant for children, teens, and adults who attend weekly English lessons at LCC. Build relationships with locals while learning to manage a small classroom and provide English language instruction in a semi-formal setting.

Great for: TESOL, English, and Education majors.

Social Media & Photography

Creatively gather stories from others, or share your own, as you document the essence of a semester in Lithuania through video and photography. Also manage Study Abroad Lithuania’s social media presence on Instagram, Facebook, and WordPress.

Great for: Photography, Journalism, Graphic Design, Marketing, and Communication majors.

Student Success Center

Apply your English language skills as a peer tutor in LCC’s Student Success Center. Help freshmen with their academic writing skills by reviewing assignments, studying for exams, and assisting with composition.

Great for: TESOL, English, and Education majors – or anyone interested in tutoring and student development.

Spiritual Life

Assist our Spiritual Life Department with on-campus ministries like chapel, bible studies, worship nights, and other service initiatives. Experience a dynamic spiritual environment worshiping with Christian students from around the world.

Great for: Christian Ministry, Biblical Studies, Theology – or anyone interested in spiritual life.

Marketing & Communications

Work alongside LCC’s Communications Department to create written and graphic marketing materials. Be responsible for writing and proof-reading articles, conducting interviews, and compiling newsletters.

Great for: Communication, Marketing, and Journalism majors.

Academic Conference

Help organize the Annual Academic Conference hosted by LCC International University. Engage with intellectuals from all over the world as they present papers and discuss a variety of subjects related to the conference theme. (SPRING SEMESTER ONLY)

Great for: Business, Education, Communication, Marketing – or anyone interested in event management and higher education.

How to Apply

If you have been accepted for a Study Abroad Lithuania semester and have confirmed your participation by paying your deposit, you may apply for an internship position. 

Applications will be reviewed prior to your semester and confirmed upon arrival to Lithuania. Please note that spots are limited for each position and may vary from semester to semester. If you have any specific questions about the program please email

You can submit your application here: Internship Program Application