Endowed Scholarships

Help students from Eastern Europe and Central Asia to overcome the limits that life circumstances have put them within. Invest in students of today and tomorrow. Make a legacy by contributing to the LCC Endowed Scholarships!

Study Abroad Endowed Scholarship For Students From the Region

“If LCC affected you at all, if you felt even the tiniest amount of transformation during your four months there as a Study Abroad student, if you made friends who struggled with the limitations they were born into, if you have a heart for the school or the students or Eastern Europe/Central Asia or the spread of the Gospel to all corners of the earth, then please consider donating to the Study Abroad Scholarship for Students from Eastern Europe or Central Asia.” Esther Beeke Fall 2012 Study Abroad Student To learn more, please take a look at the Endowment Scholarship Description and watch the video below.

Marylene and Ted Thiesen Endowed Scholarship


The Ted and Marylene Thiesen Endowed Scholarship was established in 2012 to provide financial aid to students wishing to attend LCC International University. This endowed scholarship was established by Marylene Thiesen as part of her and her husband’s commitment to Christian higher education.


The Ted and Marylene Thiesen Endowed Scholarship was designed to assist undergraduate students with tuition so they could attend LCC International University. This scholarship will be awarded on the basis of the following:
  1. Students showing financial need.
  2. Students who have exhibited academic excellence in previous studies.
  3. Students who evidence a Christian commitment to the Lordship of Christ in their lives.
  4. Students whose personal character reflects the moral and ethical standards of LCC International University.

Robin Gingerich Endowed Scholarship

How Can The Robin Gingerich Endowed Scholarship Help?

The scholarship is a manifestation of SLI faculty/staff commitment to SLI students and Christian higher education. It will cover a part of the first year tuition for those prospective students who have attended SLI and have demonstrated academic excellence but do not have sufficient means to afford LCC.

How Can You Help?

We appreciate your generosity – you have given and served to make a difference in the lives of students who come for SLI! Would you be able to also help us provide financial assistance for SLI students who want to enroll in our Bachelors program but cannot afford it? Please contribute to the establishment and continuous growth of the Robin Gingerich Endowed Scholarship. We are setting a goal of raising $25,000 by July 31, 2015 (this is the minimum amount to establish a named scholarship). This is just the beginning. The more we raise, the more scholarships we can create. If each of you could contribute something, we could achieve and even over-achieve our goal. Together, we can make a difference!
I am so thankful to the SLI faculty and staff for their warmth and care. My transformation started during the very first day of English classes in summer 2001. Looking over this year’s talent night videos, I was remembering very vividly the first talent night that I experienced during my first SLI. For young people in this part of the world, it is mind blowing that their instructors care about them and about their talents. That care made me want to come to LCC as a student and, later, made me ask questions about Christianity. I didn’t know Christ when I came to LCC but I discovered Him after my freshmen year! Now that I have completed my PhD, it is an honor to be back at LCC and serve as a Senior Development Officer. As all of you, I believe in Christ-centered education and I pray that the Lord will touch the hearts of every single person who comes through the doors of LCC! I also pray that more young people will get a chance to experience the results of the LCC mission to provide Christian liberal arts education within a diverse learning community that transforms people for servant leadership. Julianna Giannoutsou 2001/2002 Graduate of SLI 2006 Graduate of LCC
To learn more, please take a look at the Robin Gingerich Endowed Scholarship Description. If you wish to make a donation, please leave a comment, stating that it is for the Robin Gingerich Endowed Scholarship.

LCC Alumni Endowed Scholarship

 We’re celebrating this year! We’re 25 years old! These have been 25 amazing years – because of YOU and your success!

We invite you to acknowledge your LCC days by contributing to the next generation of students. We know that most of you received financial aid during your years at LCC. In fact, just in the last 10 years, LCC has distributed almost 4 million EUR in financial aid to almost 1400 students.

We are establishing an “LCC Alumni Endowed Scholarship” – and we invite you to donate to make this happen! Here’s the deal – the goal is to reach $25,000 USD, which will then generate interest FOREVER to support a student scholarship.

We encourage you to give 25 (or 50 or 100 or more) USD or EUR!

Please visit LCC DONATE (https://www.lcc.lt/home/support-the-university/annual-fund/) to learn more about options to donate.


Two years ago we started the 25@25 fundraising campaign inviting you to donate 25 USD or EUR or more to reach $25,000 USD, which will then generate interest FOREVER to support an annual scholarship for current LCC student.

We are pleased to announce the current status of the LCC Alumni Endowed Scholarship:
90 alumni donors contributed to this initiative.
Current Market Value: 15,872 USD.

We are getting closer to our goal!



                      Jim Mininger, President         Marlene Wall, President
                      (1995 – 2008)                               (2012 – present)




LCC Endowed Student-Athlete Scholarship


  • Our players are full-time students, who attend classes, engage in group work, write papers, take exams. As students at a liberal arts university, they understand the value of the full educational experience.
  • Our players have daily basketball practices or games. They are always improving their athletic skills, and their teamwork. Our team plays between 65-70 games per academic year.
  • Our players understand that life is about making the world a better place. They volunteer in basketball camps, orphanages, Community Day celebrations, blood donation and celebrate life by spotlighting suicide, and encouraging people to talk to their friends and family. They celebrate wellness by supporting anti-smoking campaigns. 

A minimum gift of 25,000.00 is required to create a lifelong endowed scholarship for a student-athlete. 

A gift of 25,000.00 can be given:

  • by an individual or a group of individuals or businesses
  • at one time or over 1 – 3 years

A gift of 25,000.00 generates approximately 1,500.00 per year, every year. 

An endowed scholarship provides funding that goes directly to pay for tuition (not for infrastructure, not for equipment, not for living expenses).

Please visit LCC DONATE to learn more about options to donate.

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