‘I Feel Less Like a Foreigner’: on Acquisition of Lithuanian

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Dr. Jogilė Teresa Ramonaitė, ‘I Feel Less Like a Foreigner’: on Acquisition of Lithuanian.

When: January 17, 2017, 12PM-1PM, Kaminskienė Hall.  The event is open to public. Lecture will be in English.

People coming from different countries to live in Lithuania for a variable amount of time do not consider knowing the language a prerequisite to live in the country. That is understandable due to the small population of the country and limited possibilities to learn the language beforehand as well as growing literacy of Lithuanians in English (and knowledge of Russian still).

However, depending on circumstances, quite a few foreigners start learning or at least try to learn Lithuanian once they start living in the country. A study on the acquisition of Lithuanian has been conducted aiming to see the general principles on how Lithuanian is being acquired and some insight on the factors that support and those that obstruct the acquisition.

The talk will present the conducted study, the sequence of acquisition discovered and discuss the main factors, also from the view of the foreigners interviewed, with relation to their attainment in Lithuanian.

Bio: Institute of the Lithuanian language, Center of Sociolinguistics: research fellow
Post-doc: Institute of the Lithuanian language, Center of Sociolinguistics;
PhD: psycholinguistics, Vytautas Magnus University;
M.A.: translation and interpreting studies, Vilnius University;
B.A.: Lithuanian philology and foreign (Italian) language, Vilnius University.