LCC International Week


This week, February 11-15, the Center for International Education (CIE) hosted LCC International Week for university partners and guests. Representatives from 14 countries gathered at LCC to learn more about liberal arts education, our facilities, and opportunities for students. LCC International Week was intense with various workshops, meetings, discussions, and events.


Not only our CIE office was sharing about LCC, but students and professors were able to attend an open lecture titled Why some countries are rich and others poor? by Tomas Evan from Anglo American University in Prague. After the presentation, T. Evan engaged in an interesting discussion with the audience about cultural development of different countries, technological addictions, and the future of the economically deprived countries.


One of the guests of the week, Ildiko Anna Toth from Károli Gáspár University in Hungary, has kindly agreed to share about her involvement and experience with LCC International University.

Anna, what brought you here to LCC?DSC02303-2

The university I come from is located in the centre of Budapest. I work at the international office in Károli Gáspár and I am the institutional Erasmus coordinator. I oversee the whole Erasmus project and I am responsible for the outgoing student mobilities and I have a lovely colleague who does the incoming mobilities. I am here because we have Erasmus cooperation with LCC. When I realized that you are hosting an international week I could not miss it. Inga Mikulėnė, LCC Erasmus representative and I have been exchanging emails for two years now, so when I came here and I saw her in person, that was amazing. This week at LCC we have members from other partner universities and it is brilliant to see the people who are behind them.

What are your impressions about LCC?

It is my first time at LCC and it is my first time in Lithuania. The university itself surprised me a lot, it feels like it is a tiny institution, but it has a huge and very strong community. Even though it is international or maybe because it is international, you probably find it more important to stick together. But it has been a very nice experience for me. Today we had a Student Fair in the Alumni gallery where I got a chance to meet LCC students and present our university to them. So I am looking forward to our future collaboration, because some students were very interested and excited about coming to study at Károli Gáspár University.


What are your hopes for the future of cooperating with LCC on the Erasmus project?

It has been a very nice cooperation so far. Exchange student mobilities are happening every semester. That is quite important because we have cooperation with universities that are basically dead, so LCC is not one of these. I hope in 2021 we will sign an Erasmus cooperation for the next term with the Erasmus project and I also hope that I could welcome LCC staff at Károli Gáspár University.

Is there anything else you would like to add?

During the Student Life session I found out that some people who work at LCC, are also LCC alumni. You do not hear these stories often because many people are like me, for example. I went to a huge university in Hungary, which has around 40.000 students, and it is a great university, but I just got my degree and left. LCC is a completely different place with a community that is almost like a family.


According to Inga Mikulėnė Program Coordinator at CIE office: “During the week we had various conversations, workshops on cross-cultural adjustment as well as well-being of students. Our guests got to learn about LCC and its unique education model in Europe. We all had an opportunity to network, share best practices and share the passion for the work that we do. Such events allow us to celebrate international education as well as to be reminded what an important task we have as educators.”