LCC Summer Academy

Take one or more courses during our summer sessions at LCC. Enjoy learning in an international environment while earning credit that will transfer to your current or future university.

Selecting Courses

Who can register?

The applicants must be at least high school students. 
Since LCC International University uses English as the language of instruction and communication, the applicants must have a minimum B2 level of English language.

Pre-registration Deadlines

Registration for summer courses of your choice will be open until a week before the course starts.  If you miss the deadline, you can still register for courses, but you will likely be put on a wait-list.


Fill in an application form and select one or two courses from the Summer course offerings:

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  • Taking a class for credit: 285.60 €
  • Taking a class for audit: 142.80 €
    - fewer hours in class; no homework if not wanted
    - professional development/growth

University course offerings:

May Session

May 7 – 25: ENG 131 Introduction to Literature (6 ECTS credits; 3 weeks, 45 contact hours)

Instructors: Dr. J.D. Mininger, Dr. Aušra Paulauskienė, Bonnie Greydanus, and Ksenija Ševcova

Description: This course introduces the student to the study of short fiction, drama, novel and poetry in English. Students engage in critical and analytical study of these genre with the purpose of increasing understanding and enjoyment as well as proficiency with English language. Special attention is given to the practice of critical writing and the interpretation of text. Students develop effective written communication through the production of a number of short essays.

May 7-25: BUS 410: International Business Law (6 ECTS credits; 3 weeks, 45 contact hours)

Instructor: Dr. Larry Locke

Description: This course will present fundamentals of both US and EU business law on a comparative basis.  Topics covered will include contracts, property, sales, agency, employment, security interests and bankruptcy. This course will prepare business students to strategically operate businesses of all sizes and to avoid the penalties that come from failure to comply with the law.

May 7 – 25: BUS 410: Introduction to Sports Management (6 ECTS credits; 3 weeks, 45 contact hours)

Instructor: Scott Stewart

Description: This course provides students an introduction to sports management as an industry of business. Students will develop an understanding of sports as an industry as it relates to revenue generation, organizational structure, professional management, sponsorship, and facility/venue management. Additionally, students will complete a business and marketing strategy that may be utilized at the amateur and professional levels.

May 7 – 18: COM 204 Video Production (6 ECTS credits; 2 weeks, 40 contact hours)

Instructor: Mindaugas Čičiūnas

Description: This course introduces students to concepts of videography, including story, camera operation, editing, location scouting, and video display methods. Students will be able to prepare a location, capture quality audio, frame and light subjects appropriately, and focus, exposure, and depth of field. Several cameras and lenses will be introduced as well. Students will become comfortable shooting and editing news-style footage with short project turnarounds, as well as longer-form documentary or instructional footage.

June Session

June 4 – 8: BUS 410 Service Design (6 ECTS credits; 1 week, 40 contact hrs

Instructors: Eglė Songailienė, Director of the Innovation Lab, LCC International University

Description: Learn and experience service design methods, tools and mindsets in five fast-paced days of practical learning. During the first two days, you will be introduced to the main ideas, methods and tools of service design. The second two days are all about practically applying the tools working in a group, as you participate in a global event - Global GovJam - in which you will practice the service design methods with thousands of people all around the globe. You will learn to manage group dynamics in a creative process as well as to challenge your own assumptions and habits. This course is very practical and is aimed at giving you specific tools that you can apply in many various settings.  The course is built to inspire, support and stretch your thinking.

June 4 -15: COM 302 Web Design (6 ECTS credits; 2 weeks, 40 contact hrs

Instructor: Mike Henry

Description: This course introduces students to an understanding of the web and how websites are built, hosted, and distributed. It also introduces students to how to use tools for user-centered website design and development including programming in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, and the process of defining client needs.

July – August Session

July 30-Aug 10: COM 315 Intercultural Communication (6 ECTS credits; 2 weeks, 40 contact hours)

Instructors: Mark Badham

Description: This course explores principles and problems of communication between people of different cultures and sub-cultures. Students have the opportunity to apply course material to their own personal and professional interactions.

Prerequisites: SOC 100 or PSY 122, COM/PSY 221 (for Communication majors only)

July 30-Aug 10: COM 306 Media Culture in a Digital Age (6 ECTS credits; 2 weeks, 40 contact hours)

Instructor: Dr. Andrew Jones

Description: This course provides students with an understanding of key theoretical issues in media studies and the influence of old and new media on human communication practices.