“Moments from Yazidi Life in Khanke Camp, Iraq” Exhibition Opening



LCC International University is honored to bring to Klaipeda a photographic exhibition dedicated to the life of Yazidis in Khanke Camp. Zina Salim Hassan currently studies at LCC International University. Before she arrived in Klaipeda, Zina lived in Khanke camp for two years, where, together with other Yazidis, she was hiding from the persecution of ISIS. 

A few Yazidi young women, including Zina, had an opportunity to take part in a project organised by RDO and UNICEF, funded by Italian Agency for development cooperation. Photography training delivered by Z Agency for Media and Art. Devised by Media Specialist , Shayda Hesami, the course taught these women photography skills both as a way to help them express themselves, and as a route to employment. Less than a year after the start of their training, Zina and four of the initial participants were exhibiting their work at a conference on the Yazidi’s plight held at the American University in Sulaymaniyah.

Before arriving at the camp Zina had a dream of becoming a doctor, but the project affected her in a profound way. She is now intending to become a photojournalist. The exhibition tells the story of Yazidi people living in a camp – children who are forced to work instead of going to school, and other consequences of genocide Yazidis have to face.

Zina Salim Hassan and five other Yazidi women presented their photographic work at an exhibition which opened in February this year at the National Roman Museum MAXXI. During the exhibition opening which was organised by Italian Ministry of Defence, Mrs. Roberta Pinotti, MAXXI Foundation, Shayda HESSAMi General Director of RDO, UNICEF Italy and KRG, these young photographers met with representatives of UNICEF, the Kurdistan Regional Government in Italy, the Italian Government, Senate, members of other non-governmental organizations, Italian media and agencies. With the support from Italian Ministry of Defence and RDO’s Manager the exhibition will now is displayed in Klaipeda. All credit of the photos goes to Z agency.

We invite everyone to join the official opening on Thursday, March 30 at 17:30. The ‘Moments from Yazidi Life in Khanke Camp, Kurdistan Region of Iraq’ exhibition will be on display at I. Simonaitytės Library until April 16, 2017.