Not Just Playing, Fighting!



The social campaign was presented by one of the organizers, LCC psychological counselor Ina Kamaitytė: “In Klaipeda during the past year 71 people died because of suicide. 81.1 % of them were men.” In Lithuania, suicide holds second place for causes of death among men.   “Apathy and isolation are the main causes of suicide. When people suffer they prefer to keep it to themselves. It is very important to learn how to express your feelings,” added another LCC representative, Emas Gricius. 


During the event leaflets with useful information were distributed. They included the contact information of psychological counselors, help lines, and other services that help deal with emotional crises and depression.

“We did not just gather to talk about suicide. We want to take action and show by example that life is a precious gift. For Lithuanians basketball is not just a game, it’s also a celebration. Today, we want to celebrate life and demonstrate that every single life matters. We refuse to keep silent about this problem,” said LCC President Marlene Wall.


“Life is not just about winning and losing. We have the same approach towards basketball. For us it is sport, but it’s also an opportunity to spend time together, to have fun, and to create a positive impact,” said LCC Moose head coach Marius Tamolis.