Oleksandr Zozulia | Providing Students with Opportunities to Grow


WDSC_2845hat are your vision and goals for Student Council for this academic year?

I believe that every student has huge potential, so my goal is to provide students with the opportunities to grow. I want to create a stronger community on campus by organizing monthly meetings with the students. At the same time I want to integrate LCC students into the broader community through cooperation with the student councils of other universities. 

Why did you decide to apply for StuCo president position?

I decided to apply for this position primarily because I believe that I can effectively serve LCC as the president of the Student Council. Also, I wanted to challenge myself to be a good example for the community. Being a leader who deserves to be the StuCo president is my aspiration for the year to come. 

How do you think your leadership will be different from the other StuCo presidents?

The thing that might set me apart from previous presidents is that I really want to take LCC out of the “bubble”. Now we are planning meetings with the student councils of the higher educational institutions in Klaipeda; our aim is to organize at least one big event where LCC students will be able to interact with their peers from other schools.


What special activities are you planning for this new academic year?

We are planning to have monthly meetings with students to inform them about our projects. We are also restarting “Outsiders”. The Talent Night this year will hopefully be held off campus, but it is not certain yet. And one more thing we are planning is to reconnect with LSS, which is the Lithuanian Student Organization.

What challenges do you think your team might face throughout your work together?

We have 4 countries represented in StuCo. Even though we’re all different, the team is motivated enough to go through the year with distinction. The biggest challenge I see is to keep the current motivation throughout the year and not to lose our focus.