RESTART 2016: LCC’s Success Highlighted


This year LCC International University was selected as the main organizer of the RESTART Science and Art Festival in Lithuania. RESTART is a growing annual event organized in collaboration with Klaipeda municipality.

The festival took place during the week of November 14-20, and more than 3000 people attended various events organized by LCC. Each day of the week featured themes that correspond to the academic programs offered by LCC International University. Following the official opening on Monday, business–related activities took place on Tuesday, November 15. The Networking Fair and a Simulation Business Game were particularly popular among local youth. The highlight of the day was an open lecture with an advisor to the Lithuanian President and the Chief Economist of SEB Bank, Gitanas Nauseda, who spoke about current economic developments in the region. Wednesday was dedicated to Communication and International Relations. A Career seminar, ‘Social Media & Career’, presented by LCC Career Center representatives Liubava Griciuvienė and Margarita Pavlovič attracted more than 100 high school students, and in the evening “Personal Brand Kitchen” gathered more than 200 residents of Klaipeda. On the same day, LCC’s Balčiūnai Library, which has the biggest collection of books in English in the Baltic region, opened its doors to everyone interested to learn about library’s collection and its history. LCC professor Andrew Jones mesmerized everyone during a workshop on public speaking on Thursday – the day dedicated to Psychology. An open lecture on Introduction to Psychology presented by Professor Julija Gaiduk was also particularly popular among Klaipeda youth. A more mature audience attended open lectures on Thursday evening, where they had a chance to learn about mindfulness as well as conflict management. The same evening LCC turned Neufeld auditorium into a cinema where people had an opportunity to watch ‘Ethnic Kitchen’, a documentary about foreigners living in Lithuania, while Neumann dormitory open its doors for a Coffee House. During the coffee house, which gathered nearly 200 people, students from Syria shared their personal stories and everyone had an opportunity to learn more about Syrian culture as well as try authentic Syrian food cooked and served by LCC students. Friday, dedicated to English Language and Politics, offered a workshop for English teachers on how to incorporate technology into classroom learning instead of preventing students from using it. Another popular event was dedicated to ‘Directions in US Foreign Policy’. During this open lecture LCC professor Scott Neumann presented possible political developments following the election of President Trump. On the same day, Klaipeda residents as well LCC students and staff had an opportunity to watch the documentary ‘Leaving Greece’ followed by a discussion with the film’s director, Anna Brass. Professor J.D. Mininger presented an engaging lecture on ‘Why Shakespeare Matters Today’. The highlight of Friday evening was the LCC Student Talent Show, which was dedicated to the music and good vibes of the 1920’s. It was indeed a memorable show, enjoyed by Klaipeda residents as well as the LCC community. On Saturday, LCC presented its multicultural side. Students from different countries took part in the International Fair, which invited local residents to explore other cultures, try a variety of tasty food, and learn how to write your name in Georgian, Korean, or Arabic. Saturday evening offered public lectures dedicated to urban development in the Klaipeda region.  RESTART week started and ended with basketball games, in which the LCC Moose played against Klaipeda University and Vilnius VKC. LCC Moose also dedicated to RESTART a powerful social campaign for suicide prevention.

RESTART attracted many people with various backgrounds, interests, and goals in life. The objective of the festival was to attract this variety and share knowledge with every curious mind seeking to learn something new. Lifelong learning is the basis of liberal arts education and being the organizer of the RESTART festival gave LCC International University a perfect opportunity to demonstrate why this model is so effective. The festival surely had many fun activities, but most importantly it was an educational experience for Klaipeda residents as well as LCC students, faculty, and staff. For 25 years LCC International University has been facilitating change in the region. Thanks to Klaipeda municipality, as well as PI “Jūros šventė“, this year LCC had an opportunity to experience just how much it has to offer and how valuable this change is for everyone in Klaipeda and beyond.