This Year RESTART Festival is Organized by LCC International University

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LCC International University is celebrating 25th anniversary. We are glad to share this wonderful celebration with the community of Klaipėda and its guests – people who are open to cultural growth, knowledge and values. We invite people to visit LCC and have this unique opportunity to take part in fascinating lectures, acquire new skills, experience new cultures, and even taste exclusive delicacies.

Join RESTART festival during the week of November 14 -20. The program of the events and the registration form can be found HERE (LT), also you can download Program in English (PDF).

May all people of Klaipėda become students for a week!

ATTENTION: Saturday events at Klaipedos kultūros fabrikas have been swapped. 
These are corrected times:
 17.00–18.30 Marija Drėmaitė, „Industrial architecture“, book presentation / all / @KUFA / EN, LT
 19.00–20.30 “Atlass of Karklė” – together we create visions of the future cities“, Fund of Algimantas Zaviša / all / @KUFA / EN, LT